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Biting and breastfeeding

Baby teeth hurt! Do any of you who are still breastfeeding, have any suggestions on how to get my little one to not bite me? He's just getting his third tooth in and we've had a pretty rough day today. He wants to nurse but he keeps biting me. Then he starts screaming because he bit me and he knows that I don't like it. Then cries because he wants to nurse. It's a viscious cycle that is wearing me out today..

Re: Biting and breastfeeding

  • Only thing that worked for me was to end the nursing session and walk away for a few minutes. Also practice defensive nursing for a bit where you are prepared to detatch LO at any moment. As soon as he starts to bite down nursing is over for at least five minutes. Put him on the floor and walk away or put your back to him which is effectively removing his two favorite things- nursing and your attention. You have to be consistent with this but eventually he will stop

  • She only bit me once and I yelled "OW!" really loud. It surprised us both. She hasn't done it since. 

    This was my experience as well


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  • Definitely de-latch every time he bites.

    Some people find that saying "OW" helps, but some babies find that funny.

    As a last resort, some people lightly pinch the babies thigh or flick their cheek. I don't know how I feel about that yet.
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  • Hoyt doesn't have teeth yet, but I pop him off, tell him no, and then break for a minute. It is usually when distracted
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