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  • We are trying to adopt through child protective services and are taking the mandatory course and doing paperwork. We have waited so long to be parents, so what's a couple more months?
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  • Just picked our agency and filling out the application!
    Me-23 DH-23
    Dx Pcos(2009), HFI(14), Endometriosis(14), Balloon Uterus(reconstructed) Type Two Diabetic
    DH- perfect
    Fibroid/Polyp removal Feb/2014 HSG- All clear!
    TTC since 2010
    Clomid 50mg- BFN
    Femara 5mg + Pregnyl 10,000, = BFN
    Was told there was nothing more to do unless we do IVF.
    Picked our Agency- October 2014

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  • Hello :) I'm new here, first time posting. We just picked our agency and will be doing DIA :) We're getting our first phase funding together and hopefully will be fully signed by Dec/early Jan :)
  • Mom to an almost 20 month old boy through DIA.  One and done, because he's just that perfect.   :x
  • Adopted and finalized. Hashing out some birth certificate errors and a mispelling in the decree of adoption, but done. Maybe someday we will adopt again, but it's unlikely.
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  • Late to the party but we are officially waiting since February. 

    J&B // Married 9/19/09
    J: 28 // B: 32 

    TTC # 1 Since October 2010 (Not preventing since 2009)
    November 2013: Applied & Accepted by the Agency
    January 2014: Home Study, education class, Profiles
    February 2014: "Officially Waiting"
  • We are looking at being completely done with our licensing and being able to start looking for a match between December and February. If it takes until February that will make it a full year. At this point I think we ate just ready for everything to be complete! All we have left is for our CW to finish or application which she is completely overloaded so she let us know at the beginning of October that or would take some time. After that the main office will review our application and sat yes or no. Or CW said we have everything we need and our application will be one of the best she's had in a while so that's good to hear. So now we just continue the wait!
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