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2nd Trimester

Wet knickers tmi

hi girls, I feel especially towards the end of the day my knickers are wet I am sure this is urine but don't feel it. Is this happening to anyone else? Getting a bit freaked out sorry it's tmi

Re: Wet knickers tmi

  • Hehe, knickers...

    Sounds normal to me. I had tons of discharge the further along I got, starting in the 2nd tri
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  • Could it be sweat? I live in a hotter climate and usually change my undies at least once if not more a day.
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  • emmyg65 said:
    It's most likely discharge, not pee. Slap a pantyliner in there. (I don't know what they call those in the UK/Commonwealth!).
    Even if you leak a bit (which I do sometimes), a pantyliner takes care of that, too. I just bought a package yesterday to try to save my undies from yellow stains.  :-(
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  • Thanks everyone I will use them just worried had a difficult birth with first child so pelvic floors maybe a bit damaged
  • For me it's definitely discharge, I see it even when I wipe. Best solution is thin panty liners. I use the always ones meant for thongs but they are thin enough that you don't really feel them.
  • me too.. I have to wear a pantyliner and change it several times a day, not fun.
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