Hello all!

It's been several months since I've logged in.. Life has been so crazy but I have missed staying up with everyone's progress. My older kids are keeping me so busy I don't have much "free" time anymore, but I hope to be able to pop in here every couple of days.

My little guy just hit 7 months adjusted and is now 20 pounds. He's finally rolling well, but not sitting up on his own and still gags when I try to feed him any type of puree. We had a brief hospitalization back in May due to the common cold, where he was diagnosed with apnea and a form of asthma. So, I'm still trying to be selective of where I take him and who is allowed to take care of him if I need to call in a babysitter.

Lately I've been dealing with some sort of PPD or whatever. A lot of the emotions from the pPROM and NICU that I kept bottled up have started coming out of nowhere. And people-not just strangers, but family & friends who were around during that time, can say some of the most awkward things that seem to make the tears come out from nowhere. I'm working on this with my dr, but that's still in the early stages and meds don't seem to be helping yet.

Sorry, I don't mean for this to be a downer post. I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to getting to know the newer folks!

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Re: Re-intro

  • Welcome back. Does your doctor suggest talking to someone? I think I'm going through something too - as PP said, it's such a traumatic situation. Keep us updated on how you're feeling. I can't imagine going through all this with older kids.

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  • Welcome back! I can't even imagine how busy you must be with your older four plus LO. FWIW I think I had a kind of delayed PPD/PPA that coincided with our move to our new house. I was pretty bad till DD was about 9 months and spring hit. Keep talking it out and use this board for support when you need it. And btw, 20 lbs??? What an awesome weight! DD just hit 20 lbs at her 15 month checkup! Good work, mama!!

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  • thanks, Ladies!

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