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Coat rack??

Hi, FTM here! ;-)

So I bought this for the nursery because it's cool, and I'm a sucker, and you know, nautical theme. 

I was just going to kind of put it in the entryway of the room, (a little nook) for baby coats (dumb?) but is there anywhere in the nursery that a rack like this would actually come in  handy for something? Any other ideas what to use this for?

Thanks  in advance :)
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Re: Coat rack??

  • near a bathroom for towels?

    Close-ish to the crib for extra blankets.  (Obviously it would just be for decoration for a while, but my 3 year old now loves ALL the blankets when he sleeps.  This could help keep them looking nice.)

    Also, if you don't have a mud room/closet/etc. for coats, it would be nice to hang coats on.  Coats never seem to make it upstairs to LO's room, though, in our house.

    It's cute!
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  • I have one that has boxes on top of the hooks and I hung it on top of the changing station on the dresser in the nursery.

    the boxes hold the diapers, thermometer and baby adol and nasal spray and the ear cotton pads, changing towel among other stuff.

    I use the hooks to hang the bag for tossing the diaper, body suit, onsie, head band or (blouse, pants) and it makes changing a breeze because everything is right there when I'm changing at arms reach. I also keep the ointment, wipes, oil and lotion in a cute basket on the dresser next to the changing mat and I stick a burping cloth in there for any raspberries action or spit up fishing
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  • Hooks are good for receiving blankets and burp cloths in the nursery! Especially near the door, where you can grab them on your way in or out.
  • I have an over the door hook where I hang towels and hoodies. I don't know why I've always hung their towels on the doors (the bathroom is small I guess) and I just grab it as I walk to the bathroom towards the door. 

    If you have a wall to hang it on, it will be full in no time, believe me :-)
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