I apologize for my ticker ladies.

Nancy - Do you have an old post for "All Our Love" for the PL board? No one continued it after you took a break and I would like to start it up again. Thank you - and I am glad to see you haven't given up hope for having a family. Lots and Lots of luck to you.

Re: **NancyandNate**

  • Hi irishmama! ?It is good to see you. ?How are you?

    That would be so wonderful if you took it over!??I felt badly leaving it like that, but also needed to have a break from all the sadness. ?I don't have any of the old posts--I'd just type them in directly to the web. ?

    Not sure if this will help you or not...I will throw it out there and do with it what you will! ?I'd try to jot down names throughout the week. ?It was much easier to keep up that way. ?I'd try to organize them in categories of limbo to confirm a loss, loss, multiple/late loss, and any special concerns people had. ?Then I'd have a category for some good news from folks as well, although that wasn't as prevalent. ??

    I hope all is well with you and that you will have an abundance of happiness!?

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