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Here's a question for y'all:

If a person has more than three names, how do you handle initials?  Do you believe that they always have as many initials as names?  Or do you believe that one middle initial can be a placeholder for the string of middle names?  How about hyphenated last names? Hyphenated first names?

For example: 
Jane Doe Smith is J.D.S.
Jane-June Doe Smith is J.D.S or J.J.D.S
Jane June Doe Smith, where June and Doe are middle names is J.J.D.S or J.J.S.
What about double last names without hyphenation?
Last name with hyphenation?  

And discuss.

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Re: Initials?

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    Just pick one :)
  • I think it's a personal choice.

    My mom's maiden name has two capital letters and she used them instead of her middle initial - CDL.  Her married name only has one capital letter so she now uses her middle initial - CAG.

    My married name has two capital letters and I love my middle name so when I write my initials, I use GCDL. (totally weird coincidence on my initials and my mom's).


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