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how often are you nusing your 8 month old?

I keep getting nervous with DD2....DD1 would have nursed all day and night until I weaned her at 21 months if I had let her.  DD2 was nursing about:
6am wake up
10 am post nap
2 pm pre afternoon nap
6:30 bed time
then she was up sometime around 3 am to nurse...but she just started sleeping all the way through the night.
I offer way more often, but she isn't interested.  I have been trying to pump a bit to put in a cup with her meals. 
Is this a normal schedule??? 

Re: how often are you nusing your 8 month old?

  • My eight month old nurses twice a day and has three bottles. Since he's been eating solids for 2 meals, it seems like he is trying to drop one of the bottles. He's pretty fat, so I think it's ok?
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  • My baby nurses at 11:30am, Sometimes takes a bottle around 3:00pm, nurses at 5:00pm and then nurses all night from 7:30pm until around 5am. YAY for reverse cycling... 8-}
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  • My DD is 8.5 months and nurses or gets a bottle at daycare 5x/day from 6:30am to 6:30pm every 3 hours. I used to have same concerns, but she's gaining, happy and has plenty of wet diapers, meeting her milestones, etc. Funny how babies are so different, but then you think about adults and surely our eating habits are all over the charts, too!

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  • Thanks everyone.  We are going in today for a possible ear infection so I am anxious to see her weight! 
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