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Why does the 2WW feel like 2 months? CD19 and I am already bored with waiting! I am supposed to have my blood work done on CD24 but we will be out of town over the weekend so I am going to go ahead and have it done on CD22. I hope my progesterone is higher this time! I also hope the Femara worked again and that I O'ed! My hubby wouldn't let me buy OPK'S because he said that the blood work is enough :\ . Keeping our fingers crossed!

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  • But OPKs are ssssoooo cheap! LOL every month of cycle monitoring I say I won't use them because no need to but I do anyhow.

    I'm with you on the wait. I'm literally 1 DPO and just trying to make the next two weeks rush by.
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  • Yep, I'm dying in my tww. 12dpo, and that's the longest it's been since ttc #2. But I'm just getting bfns. I want to move on already! I am just itching to call my RE and get this show on the road!
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    Planning medicated cycle end of summer.  FX I get KU before then!!!
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  • I'm pretty sure it can be scientifically proven that time slows by at least half during the 2WW. Ugh. Hang in there and hopefully it's good news!
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