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Parenting after a Loss

3rd times a charm?

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I've just found out im pregnant after having two losses in a little over a year (both in the first trimester). I'm terrified and there's no one for me to talk to since I learned the lesson twice over about telling anyone before 12 weeks. Now I'm worried the fear is putting stress on my little appleseed. Any advice from women who've had similiar expierences?

Re: 3rd times a charm?

  • @LunaBug924‌, thank you for your encouragment and directing me to that board. I was looking for that one and found this one first. Those mantras are perfect especially "today I am pregnant and I love my baby".
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  • Also, I've confided in my sister and of course my DH. They are as supportive as they can be and try to understand the mixed emotions.
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