Any one else with a 34 weeker? When did yours start staying awake more?

My LO was born @34 weeks. Just curious when your LOs started staying awake more during the day?

Re: Any one else with a 34 weeker? When did yours start staying awake more?

  • I don't remember exactly when -- but it was, I think, a couple of weeks after their due date. DD2 took a bit longer -- she was still on o2, suffered from nasty reflux, and struggled with bottling, so she just had to work that much harder at everyday activities -- so she needed to sleep more.
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  • Thanks All! Very helpful :)

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  • I have a 36 weeker and she's only awake when she has the hiccups. She's 10 days old.

    Idk if that helps since she's a little further along but it may give a little perspective...
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  • My 34 weeker is currently 3 weeks adjusted and just started staying awake (and content at the same time) almost a week ago. So just echoing PPers on that regard.

    I was just thinking this morning how nice it is that she is content to lay down by herself and not need to be held or to be asleep - breakfast was much easier this morning!
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  • My twins were born at 34w and it was an extended NB period - they were sleepy for at least a week or two past their due date. I had to wait what felt like forever for that first smile!

  • Same as PPs - it was a couple weeks after his due date that he was a little more active/interactive.
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