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out and about

What are you ladies using for outings? If we go to a friends house, I take the potty insert for DD, but I am at a loss when we go out to restaurants and malls (yuck).
DD is only 2 and inevitably she will touch the yucky seat, plus her potty insert will also be in contact with other people's pee... She is doing great for short outing (she holds for 2-3 hrs) and we use pull ups. She is doing so well and is fully PT, but I am not sure how to manage public restrooms.

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Re: out and about

  • DD is fully potty trained, and she just climbs on the toilets at public restrooms, or I help her up.  When she's done we wash hands.  Ditto to PP- I'd take diapers any day to carrying around potty equipment. 
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