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Postpartum Depression

You are NOT alone!

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I posted here when my little princess was 2 weeks old. She's 7 months old now. I was a mess.. barely ate or drank, breastfeeded like crazy, slept a little, did everything automatically with zero enthusiasm and felt really bad. I was diagnosed with PPD (i didnt really need the approval, i knew it). The only person who was there for me and understood what i was going through was my mom. Wish it was my husband who would make me feel better, only he didnt "see" the depression, he just thought that all is normal, nothing unusual. He pretty much said all the No-No sentences. My mom saw the signs and tried her best to help me. It took a while for the smiles and good mood to come back. Going back to work and mainly HER developing so beautifully. Her, smiling towards me every single morning, trying to crawl, laughing and making funny voices. I didnt feel nothing in the beginning and felt like a horrible mom but now, she's part of my soul, my every breath that i take. There are difficult days , i'm still suffering from PPD, didnt go away.. :( BUT, im taking every step at a time, slowly but surely, im trying to heal. My message to all new moms, you are NOT alone!! It takes time, it's never perfect since it's a whole new reality now but give yourselves the time, you'll feel better. Find one thing which makes you feel good and DO IT!!! Hugs to all moms out there, we all deserve one :x

Re: You are NOT alone!

  • So glad you posted this. Sometimes I just need a reminder that everything will get better.
    I'm already doing much better and I am enjoying my baby more, but I know I still should be more bonded to my baby and I guess I will get there over time.
    Thank you for that reminder and for giving us all hope that we WILL get better!
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