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Hi!  I hope to be pretty active around these parts so I wanted to introduce myself.  My H and I have been married for about 5 years, just bought a house last fall, and have 2 sweet cats.

We are hoping to adopt thru foster care.  We completed our classes and home visits at the end of April so we are impatiently waiting at this point for the call from our SW that we are officially certified.  And once we get that call I'm sure I will be even more impatiently waiting for THE CALL.  Our age range is 0-8 and we could accept up to a sibling group of 3.

Any advice you can give us about getting thru the waiting period would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Lurker Intro:

  • We also did foster to adopt.  In Wisconsin, the application process takes 120 days (a bunch of waiting if you ask me).  We literally got the call within a week of our mandatory waiting and even before we had our final license!  They had to rush it through so that we had it when we brought her home two days later. 

    I would think that because you have such an open age range and are willing to take up to three siblings, your wait shouldn't be too long once the paperwork gets finalized!  There is such a need for homes to take multiple siblings!


  • Thanks, ladies.  I am such a planner that it drives me crazy not to know when we will be certified.  Guess I'll just fluff the pillows in the mean time. 
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