2nd Trimester

Anybody else get lonely?

I have my fiancé and his family but it's not the same as mine not being around. Anyone else feel randomly lonely?

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  • Not really. One friend is distant and the other is always busy.
  • Yes, we moved nearer to DH's family so I don't seen mine very often.  It's been 10 years and it is still difficult.  Maybe it will start to feel like home once baby arrives.  I dream of us leaving this place.
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  • I do sometimes, my husband is away until October working and I am lucky if I can talk to him for 20 min once a week. I live in the country far away from the nearest city/town. My parents live over an hour away. I have friends in the area but its still not the same sometimes. Last night I caught myself talking to my dogs and wishing they could talk back, made me feel lonely and a little crazy and I have only been alone for a month so far. Not sure how I will feel in the next couple months.
  • I feel lonely too sometimes. My family is 3000 miles away. I talk to my cats and husband when he is home. It is tough at times, but there are lots of lovely women here <3
  • You have all made me feel better just reading your comments and I am sorry those who are actually alone. I would go crazy. Thank you everyone.
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