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Showing in the 2nd trimester

I am currently 14 wks 5 days pregnant with my first child. I lost weight from my confirmation of pregnancy visit to my 1st trimester visit. I am not showing and I am only 14 wks. I will be 15 wks on friday and see my doc on tues for my 2nd ob visit. Should I be worried about the weight gain or loss and me not showing yet? Im a little worried!

Re: Showing in the 2nd trimester

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    Everyone is different. Most first time mom's don't show until closer to 20 weeks. You're probably fine. Your doctor will be able to give you more information when you see then on Tuesday. 
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  • I wouldn't worry. Everyone is different but I'm barely starting to show now and I'm almost 21 weeks. You may just take a little longer to "pop" and that's okay. I had lost some weight after finding out I was pregnant too, and even now have only gained 5 lbs, but my OB and other doctors aren't worried, AND my baby girl measured the perfect size and weight at her A/S.

    So don't worry! Your doctors will let you know if they have concerns, but this all sounds normal to me. Congrats, btw. :)
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  • Definitely bring it up to your doctor, but everyone's different. I was *barely* showing at 14 weeks, had only gained 3 lbs. But just in the last two weeks, I have a full pop. (I'm 18 weeks tomorrow.) As long as everything is measuring correctly, you should be fine. Google search images 14 weeks pregnant to see how different everyone looks. Some people look slender and not pregnant and others looks 6 months pregnant! Everything is okay.
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    With my first, I didn't show until about 20 weeks, and even then it wasn't obvious to people who don't know me.  I didn't have a proper bump until closer to 24 weeks. 

    I also lost weight in my first tri in my second pregnancy.  Thanks to extended nausea, it wasn't until I was about 23 or 24 weeks that I started to gain and I got above my pre-pregnancy weight.  I wouldn't worry about it - your body will catch up and will start to gain weight soon. 
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  • I'm 18+ weeks and only feel like I've looked "a little" pregnant within the last week or so.  Before that, I just looked super bloated, and even now I still think I look that way sometimes.

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  • I'm a ftm (or this as far as I've ever been in a pregnancy), 15 weeks along tomorrow, and I had to switch to maternity clothes over a week ago because I refuse to suck in my belly (I am tall and slender, but have always had a belly I suck in) and anything over the bottom half of my bump even undies is uncomfortable. I feel my bump is mostly bloat but the lower part maybe not because it has noticeably changed shape since the beginning weeks and I've even lost weight. Then I encountered a woman who is 4 weeks ahead of me on Saturday (ftm as well) and she wasn't showing yet.
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  • I will be 28 weeks on Saturday so 3 trimester and I still don't look that pregnant I have a very tiny bump some people can't even tell I am pregnant
  • I am a day or two within 22 weeks & I barely "show". If I wear a shirt, like the one I have on now (it says "Creator of Life", haha), then people infer I'm pregnant. If I wear my regular clothes (they still fit...), I just look like I'm a few pounds overweight (though it's the best toned version of overweight I've ever been blessed with). I have yet to gain any weight (yes, I eat; no, I absolutely do not diet). My OB hasn't worried me in any way and has reassured me that the baby is healthy & growing appropriately & as expected (& trust me, I know this too, since this kid has been fully kicking the crap out of me for the last month). The ultrasound tech during my anatomy scan gave me the best explanation. - I am carrying incredibly low & "around". My kid is seriously poised to come out & hanging out laterally at the lower end of my lady parts, so he/she will show far less. (He/she moves up at night when I lay down in bed, weirdly enough, & then we can see more of an outline.) His/her position is probably why I also felt movement beginning at 14 weeks. So, like mb314 said, don't worry. We're all different & there really is only an arbitrary timeline & set of "average" expectations when it comes to being pregnant.
  • This is my 3rd and I'm 19 weeks.  I'm still not showing.  Some people at work were very confused when the buzz started going around that I'm having a girl since they didn't even know I'm pregnant.

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  • You definitely should not be worried about not showing or your weight loss. Some people that are 26 weeks along do not show. It all depends on the person. I'm small and I started showing at 12 weeks but my doctor wasn't surprised about that. She also told me not to worry about having a huge belly because it might stay the same size for a while. I did also loose 6 lbs about 4 weeks ago and I'm still not gaining any weight, it's staying at that 6 lb loss. People are noticing that I lost weight but that my belly is very round. Everyone is different. 
  • No way. I'm 23 weeks and just BARELY showing. I only started rounding out about a week ago.
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  • Yep. I'm 19w and still actually DOWN 6 pounds from my pre-preg weight. I dont show at all in my regular clothes, though when I lay down at night I can feel a difference. My midwife just said the other day though she's happy with my progress. So bring it up to your OB but dont sweat it. 
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    You're fine.

    I didn't show until 18-20 weeks with either of my pregnancies. I was not more than 104lbs when I got pregnant with my daughter, I lost weight, the doctors were only going to raise alarm if I got down lower than 96lbs, because at almost 5'6, that would be somewhat extreme weight loss. 

    I was 114 when I got pregnant with my second and got down to 108, also didn't seem to alarm doctors. 

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  • I'm a FTM and currently 18 weeks. I only really started showing two weeks ago and only started to gain then also. Also the stronger your abdominal muscles are the later you show apparently so some women don't show till much later. My sister on her 4th child didn't tell work till 7mths and no one had noticed.
  • I have gained weight (8lbs) and i'm 16w2d and not showing... I'm wasn't thin to begin with either so now i just look like I've had too many cookies - but the weight is too high to be baby

    As PP said don't worry - everyone "pops" at a different time - enjoy wearing regular clothes while you can :)

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