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Jealous Boob?

Wanted to know if anyone is dealing with a jealous boob while nursing? I call it jealous boob because when I nurse DD on my right, my left will leak uncontrollably. It only happens when I nurse on the right, not vice versa. It's not a huge concern, just sad that all that valuable milk is being wasted. I've tried pumping while nursing and DD kicked my flange right off my boob and spilled whatever I pumped on me. So does anyone have a jealous boob?
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Re: Jealous Boob?

  • @Rojovol34‌ my left is the slow flowing boob too so DD doesn't like to nurse on that side as much. I figured it was becoming jealous lol!
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    [Deleted User]SaltyDonut
  • First - love the term!

    Second - yes I get this - not so much anymore but I had this a lot the first 3ish months or so.  As my supply has regulated it has gone away so I just assumed it was due to the fact I was overproducing in general.  Mine was both sides - I would nurse with one hand holding pressure on the jealous boob until well after the let down otherwise we both got showers. I now only have issues if I am engorged for some reason (like skipping a feed or pumping session).  As long as I keep pressure on it until after the let down, I dont leak too much.  If not, it is like a runny faucet.   

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  • @bensmommy518‌ Good tip! I'll try putting pressure and see how it is.
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  • I still wear pads because of this.  They both leak during morning sessions but when I get emptier in the afternoon only the stud righty leaks at letdown.
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  • Arya808 said:

    I wish I had enough milk to have a leaky book again. Ugh. I'm such a debbie downer. Sorry!

    Leaking or not is not a sign of how much milk you have!

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  • I leak on letdown, both sides. I've used Avent cups to catch it sometimes and it can be up to an ounce. If you do that, just mix with other milk cause its all watery foremilk.

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  • km_mdkm_md member
    Yeah according to the lactation consultant I saw this is normal. For a while I would only feel letdown on the side opposite from where DD was feeding.

  • Anyone have just one boob that will get engorged? If LO STTN I'm usually engorged in the AM, but this AM only my better producing boob was. Kinda weird.
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