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So I typically send out Thank You cards within two weeks of receiving a gift.  I have been able to keep up with them so far, but my hands have been super swollen and it is difficult to write more than a line of text without having to drop the pen and shake out my hands.  I have 2 showers worth of Thank Cards that I have yet to write and I feel guilty that I won't be getting these out in a timely manner.  Without explanation do you think my guests/gift givers will be resentful that I have not sent Thank Yous in a timely manner or do you think the majority of people will excuse this simply because I am pregnant?  I could type the Thank Yous but I feel that would be incredibly impersonal.

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Re: Thank you cards

  • I've thought about asking someone to help.  I wasn't sure if that would be okay, but your right, I probably will have zero time to even think about thank you cards once the baby is here.  I'll ask a relative; DH's handwriting is like trying to decipher a code, lol.  Thanks so much!
  • I think most people will be understanding, but to me, between typing and delaying, typing would be the lesser evil.
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  • If you type (which would be understandable given the circumstances), you'll want to make them longer and more thoughtful, so that it's clear you're not just copy-pasting out of laziness. I might also have a line of explanation about your hands, but that's me.  Otherwise, go for it.  
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  • I would say within a month of receiving the gift is fine.  And by all means, get DH to help, even if it's just printing address labels and sticking on the stamps.

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