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Peaches as a first name... dilemma!! Help!!


Re: Peaches as a first name... dilemma!! Help!!

  • MrsMuq said:
    I agree with using 'Peaches' legal name or even her middle name. But it's your child....your choice.
    Not necessarily a good choice, though.
    you are right.  not a good choice
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  • All the way to the end and still no legal name for Peaches! The suspense is killing me!!!

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  • @jenstahler‌ what did you decide?!?
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  • If she was going to tell us the legal name she would have done so by now. I think we need to just give up and go home.... might smell a little like troll in here anyway.
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  • I do get the reasoning behind it and I think Peaches is a sweet nickname after someone you love. As others have said, you are naming a new human being who may not really enjoy being called that. Not just because it is unusual, but because it sounds immature and is a sweet fruit. Honestly, it feels more like a stripper name or something that someone would say in a negative teasing way. But I don't have the positive associations you do. You just have to recognize how 99% of people will view this name and the first impression they will have of your daughter.

    Give her a nice legal name. Peaches is fine as a middle and a family nickname. She can legally change her name at 18 if she just totally loves it, but don't do that for her. 

    I ran a few of my favorite names with Peaches as a middle and honestly it is just a hard match because of the potential stripper vibe. Even something like Elizabeth Peaches just feels so off. Good luck finding something that works.. maybe post on the baby names board for a first name idea. 
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  • use the part of the beloved family member's legal name and the family pet name for DD could also be Peaches. Then she has the legal name or part of the legal name honoring the close family member and you & the family can still call her Peaches. If she chooses to she can have her friends and others call her that too or keep it special to her family.
  • I think Peaches is a very sweet southern name! Everybody can pronounce it and everybody can spell it--huge bonus! :)
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