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Peaches as a first name... dilemma!! Help!!

A close family member that recently passed away was nicknames Peaches and was know as this her whole life. We are having a girl and want to honor her by naming out daughter after her. I am afraid that since this name is so untraditional and eccentric, I will get a lot of grief about it. The family has given us their blessing and are so touched, but I don't know how I feel about constantly needing to defend my name choice to those who didn't know her and how special she was. I am contemplating using Peaches as the middle name (and nick name) instead to avoid the potential drama, but don't see why I should feel badly about naming her with such a cute and unique name. Do I need to grow a pair and go with the bold name, or tone it down by using it as a middle name?

Re: Peaches as a first name... dilemma!! Help!!

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  • I'm not a fan of it being any part of the legal name. This is her name that she will have on legal documents through out her life.

    Use it as the nickname and if your child wishes to continue the tradition when she gets older, she can.
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  • The thought behind naming your DD is beautiful but most people are not going to ask why you did it. People will judge it though.

    Use the person's given name or use Peaches as a middle name. I agree with even doing a peach themed nursery.

    Think of the fact that your child will have this name for the rest of their life.
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  • My parents chose for me to go by my middle name my whole and life and then on top of it spelled it incorrectly.  I hated it then and now, it was a huge pain and still is, and neither of my names are eccentric.

    I named all my boy's middle names from family members so I get it.  My vote would be to either use the person's legal name or use Peaches as a middle name.

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  • mb314mb314 member
    Joy2611 said:
    No offense to your family member but Peaches is only a nickname unless you're a Geldof.
    Thank you!  I was like "Are you related to the Geldofs??"
    I wondered that too, although Peaches was her given name in that case. 
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  • mb314 said:
    Joy2611 said:
    No offense to your family member but Peaches is only a nickname unless you're a Geldof.
    Thank you!  I was like "Are you related to the Geldofs??"
    I wondered that too, although Peaches was her given name in that case. 

    ::sarcasm alert::

    Yeah and look how well that turned out.

    (too soon?)  lol

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  • I'm going with middle name if you want to use it. It's just not a first name and I see it causing issues for her later in life.
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  • Please no!

    I think you should get a puppy or a kitten and name her Peaches. If that is not honoring them enough, maybe go with Penelope and nickname her Peaches?
    A highschool friend of mine was named Bambi by her parents. Yep. Sorry but I do not think that is too far of a stretch from Peaches.
    Call it a self-fulfilling prophecy or just sheer coincidence, but Bambi wound up working in a strip club for a short time after High School. I'm not making this up or saying she is a bad person because of this. Just sharing an experience I witnessed involving a name that some might slap a label on.
  • Middle school hazing for a girl named Peaches- (boys especially if she's well developed) "I can see why your parents named you Peaches ;)" or as FI explained peaches are often used to explain female anatomy (the vagina in most cases since a peach shape is similar).

    Naming a girl Peaches is NOT a good idea. This is going to be her name for the rest of her life, until she begs you enough as a child to change her name, or she turns 18 and can change her name herself.

    You can certainly honor the deceased relative- have her middle name Peaches, use the relatives real name or have her name start with P and nickname her Peaches.

    ...i just don't see Peaches as a first name going over so well...
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    "Peaches..." I don't think I would wish this one on a little girl. I'm sure it was an adorable nickname for your family member, but that's just what it is. A nickname. My nickname is Shellybean, but I'm very glad it isn't my legal name.
  • I agree with using 'Peaches' legal name or even her middle name. But it's your child....your choice.
  • Agree with all. You have to remember that even if this lady was loved and revered by all of your family members, your child will not know her and won't have an understanding of how special her name sake was. So, she'll more than likely dislike her name and resent you for giving it to her.

    PS please come back and tell us all the legal name!!
  • You said Peaches was her nickname.  Why not name the baby her legal first name and call her Peaches as a nickname?

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  • I would go with the ladies realy name and use Peaches as a nick name.... that would be honoring her and not subjecting your child to future cruelty. Not only would the legal name of Peaches make it difficult for your daughter as a grown up it would also make childhood hard. Kids can be cruel... and frankly teachers can to.
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  • LOL. 

    Oh my word.  So I do interviewing at work and we met this woman named Sapphire.  I couldn't take her seriously.  

    Fortunately her interview sucked so no loss there. 
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  • "Peaches" was one of my best friend's golden retriever. Very cute for a pet or a nickname, not so much a legal name for a little girl. I think the meaning behind it is very sweet, but please don't do that to your precious child. Think of a name starting with "P" or maybe your family member's legal name (which we all are patiently waiting to hear) like others have suggested .
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  • Do not! I repeat, do not! Name your kid "Peaches". What it God's name? It just reminds me of a stripper. And it's a bit ridiculous.

    It's a BOY

  • I have a family member whose nickname is Waffles (for serious), so to honor that person I am naming my kid Waffles.

    (Now op, doesn't that sound redic? well Peaches is just as bad)
  • All I can think about is recent heroin overdose victim, Peaches Geldof. Sorry.
  • Here is my thought. If you are so unsure, then no. If are 100%, go for it.

    Personal opinion, not as a first name.
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  • Its awesome you want to honor someone, but just don't.

    Think of her future. Would you take someone seriously on a college application with the name peaches? Probably not. No offense, it sounds like a stripper name. Just give the nickname if anything
  • I'm going to be totally honest....

    If I was in need of major surgery, I would not allow Dr. Peaches to operate on me. 

    Peaches would not be representing me in an important legal matter.

    Peaches will never be promoted to CEO of a well known corporation and I would not elect Peaches into office.

    I would, however, hire Peaches to jump naked out of a cake at a bachelor party. So there's that, I guess. 

    Pretty much.

    Trendeigh and ukneeque names make me shudder and shake my head. I carefully chose my kids' names, and kept in mind that they are the ones who have to carry the name. And the name that is chosen impacts many aspects of one's life. I have really only ever had an appreciation for classic/timeless and names from history or literature. If it looks good on a business card, it gets a nod from me. Thank Zeus my ex and current husband have the same taste in names.
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  • I have common name but with a unique spelling and I kinda hate it.  I am constantly correcting people on the spelling and the pronunciation of my name and it get so old.  Even important events like my college graduation and wedding announcement were ruined because of my name.  Sometimes I think about having my name legally changed but that will probably cause more hassles.

    I just wish my parents would have thought about that when they picked my name and how having a unique spelling would have impacted me because I was the one that has bore the greatest burden of my name, not them.
  • Ack, I read this whole dang thread waiting to find out Peaches' given name! What on earth could it be?!

    Also, I agree with PP that is wonderful to honor a loved one with a name, but Peaches as a given name is not a good idea.
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  • Yea agree that's it's a beautiful reason to want to name your child after your family member who passed, but like others said think about what your daughter would like/want. Peaches is a cute name, my husband uses it as a nickname for our daughter. Personally I just feel like as a first name it's just too over the top.

    I think it's great also that you're willing to stand up for your choices especially when encountering such negativity, but in this case I feel like it's not a matter of standing up for what you want more like you should consider what your daughter would want if that makes sense.

    Trust me I went through something similar. With my first we considered naming her "Trixie." After encountering a lot of negative comments I really had to think what would my daughter go through if I named her that. She could be fine or she could encounter the same negative comments that I was getting at the time. I didn't want to chance it so she's Sabrina and honestly we love her name way more than we did Trixie! I'm so glad we named her what we did. I think she'll like it better too once she grows up.

    Are there any other names you guys like? Like others said maybe Peaches as a middle name or nickname would be better. Good luck!
  • I would personally use it as a middle name and call her by that, but have a different first name. I like unique names but that is different out there. It's up to you though!
  • Peaches? Like the fruit? Please don't do that to your sweet, innocent, defenseless little baby.
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  • Please, Lord, do not name your baby Peaches.
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  • My nickname is Peach and I love it. However, even though nearly all my friends and family use it and it's totally endearing, I'm sooo glad it's not my actual name. I would not be comfortable using it in professional situations but that's just me.
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  • I keep singing the song "peaches and cream...." would you like it if your name was Peaches? There are a ton of ways to honor her other then this.
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