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Clogged duct :(

I know there have been many discussions about this but I'm only mobile, so I don't feel like searching. I've tried nursing, pumping, warm compress, hot shower and massaging and my boob is still hard as a rock. Any other suggestions? How did this affect your supply and did it resolve?

Re: Clogged duct :(

  • Whenever I've had one, it resolved within 2-3 nursing sessions, so it never affected my supply.  If anything, I'd think you're more at risk for mastitis.  :(  The thing that works for me is to wet a washcloth with water as hot as I can stand, put it on the clogged area, and use it to massage the clog toward the nipple (squeezing as hard as I can tolerate).  Once I get it squirting milk, I try to get the baby to nurse, or if that's not possible I go and pump to try and get the rest out.  Kind of sounds like you've tried this though.  I'm sorry, I hope you're able to clear it up soon!
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  • I never let mine fill up. I emptied it every 30 minutes or so. It was sore. But then I got mastitis. And the antibiotics resolved it in the end.
  • Thank you girls! I'm going to keep trying all of this and pray it resolves! I don't have much if a stash in the freezer and I really don't want to give her formula.
  • You shouldn't need to give her formula! Even if you have mastitis. There are a lot of antibiotics that are bf friendly and nursing actually helps!
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  • Thanks ladies! After lots of massaging and heat, it finally broke loose. It's still very sore but a lot better than it was! I was just afraid that I wouldn't be able to pump enough at work for the next day at the babysitter and then I'd have to add formula. I literally couldn't squeeze a drop out earlier.
  • Use one of those small neck massagers in q downward motion. I used it after the clog opened to get it all! Best 5 bucks spent and helped several times I had clogs.
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  • My SIL told me whenever she had a clogged duct she made fed in a position that allowed her daughters chin to be at the clog. She had to dangle feed to achieve this I would assume if she had a clog at the top of her boob. I've never tried it but she is also an OB nurse at a baby friendly hospital ans she's had lots of BF'ing education.
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