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Intro and hello!

Hi ladies, I thought I'd do a little intro since I'll be around this board as well now. I just had my 2nd pregnancy confirmed with a beta today after my frozen embryo transfer last week. We lost our 1st pregnancy with our son Jack in December at 20weeks. He was our first success with a frozen embryo transfer after 5 IVF cycles so we were elated to finally be expecting. He was diagnosed at 19weeks with Dandy Walker and that same week I was diagnosed with Preeclampsia/HELLP and within the week I had to be induced at 20weeks1day. I do have Factor V Leiden but they have no reason to believe that caused any of the issues with me or Jack. I've been tested for all the common reasons of severe and early Pre-e but nothing comes up. Best guess....maybe he had some rare genetic disorder that caused mirror syndrome with me. Like I said though, its just a guess as we had Counsyl testing done and that at least came back normal. Jack was a chromosomally normal little boy all they knew for sure was he had Dandy Walker and had IUGR to the extent of about 2 weeks behind which is very substantial at that GA. Anywho, its really scary being pregnant again since we have no idea what caused it all or how to prevent it but I'm considered very high risk now and will be watched very closely by my MFM and OB ...Nice to "meet" you all :)
Me: 33, Endocrine issues & FVL       DH: 32, Nothing 
NTNP 2009-2012         TTC since 2012:
  • Clomid, 2 IUI cycles, and 5 IVF cycles = BFN
  • FET #1   August 2013 = BFP!     EDD 5/11/14
  • Jack dx at 19w1d with Dandy Walker on 12/16/13
  • Severe Pre-e /HELLP set in Jack born sleeping at 20w1d on 12/23/13
  • FET #2 --July 2014  BFP!  ---  EDD  4/5/15

Jack has handpicked his sibling up there :)

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