Hospital bills have begun . .

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It's not like my stress level isn't already at an all time high with my twins in the NICU (with what will most likely be a 3 month stay, per my due date, god willing)
But now I just opened 4 hospital bills equaling a couple grand. And that was only for two specific dates. I can't imagine what's to come.

I feel completely overwhelmed and am really trying to focus on my twins having a good day thus far; but those dang bills keep popping in my head.

How have you guys handled the financial part of this experience?

Re: Hospital bills have begun . .

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    Definitely check with your case worker. There are a lot of programs out there!!

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    I would definitely check with your social worker.
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    Agree with PPs, definitely check with your social worker. I'm not sure what your insurance plan is like, but with a 3 month stay, you can expect to hit your max OOP, most likely, without issue. For our stay, our insurance was billed around $400k for everything (which is low for a 3 month NICU stay -- we had no surgeries or anything) -- we maxed out our OOP both years, with the girls being born in November, and not discharged until mid-Jan.  
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    All excellent advice!

    Thank you all very much for taking the time to help with your experiences in this topic.
    It's so hard to think about the $ part of this all when it seems so trivial in comparison to the twins current and future health. But it also can't be ignored or a huge suprise when we get them home, and life is back on track.

    What a stressful time to be in. I look forward to being on the other end of it!!

    Again thanks to all replies.
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    Definitely talk with your hospital (maybe they have a social worker) about Medicaid and SS disability.  My twins were born at 820 grams and anything under 1200 automatically qualified them for Medicaid and disability.  I literally didn't pay one dime for their 3 month NICU stay.  Big hugs.
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