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A good watch on c/s and VBAC

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Re: A good watch on c/s and VBAC

  • Excellent.  Thanks for posting. :)
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  • SweetC80 said:
    Thanks for posting this. It was medically necessary for my first c/s, and I don't have any regrets because of that, so I really appreciated the narrator stating its not about having a VBAC it's about not having a medically unnecessary c/s.
    This was the line that hit home for me too.  This is such a great way to sum up how I feel about the whole situation.

    Thank you for sharing this, OP!
    PM me for blog link!

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  • Agreed, I like the phrase medically unnecessary. I try to explain to people that I'm not committed to having a VBAC, but that I am committed to NOT having a medically unnecessary c-section.

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