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Triple screen test

Drs pushed my date up so now I'm a January birth mom. Since I'm farther than they thought I need to decide immediately if I'm gonna do the triple screen for downs and all that. Thoughts? I'm stressing!!!

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  • I did it, for what it was worth. The accuracy rate is pretty crappy. Research it for yourself to decide if it's something you want. You're the one that will have to live with the "was it right? Should I be worried?" thoughts for the next 5 months.
  • My husband and I did it as well.  While it may not change your decisions (which is very true for most), we just liked having all the information on the table.  We just got our results back and everything was good, so I feel that much better now knowing that several of the "big" worries are no longer a factor.
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  • With a 20% false negative/positive rate, I wouldn't say they are no longer a factor, unfortunately. My downs risk came back 1:1000, and I'm still worried due to the test being alarmingly inaccurate.
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    We chose to have it done this pregnancy. We didn't with DS.

    Edited to add: It's not a diagnostic test, so it will be vague/unclear. But I don't think it hurts, and if it can give me even a small piece of mind I'll take it.

    Another poster more eloquently won me over to it. I don't remember her name or her exact words, but basically: I owe it to my children to educate myself as much as possible.

    Not saying there is anything wrong with not having it done, or that people who choose not to have it done because of it's vague nature are bad parents. Just that for us, it's the best choice.
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    I did it just have to know everything beforehand. Not that the results would make us change our mind but then I like to be prepared for what is coming. That said, accuracy of these test was a factor for us but when most of the expenses were covered by our insurance, we decided to go for it.
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  • When I was pg I had it done.  I got a false negative.  I had odds of 1:10,000 for Down's.  I was the 10,000th. While I did not worry during pregnancy, we found out at birth, that is when I started to worry.

    So these tests are just a probability.  Good luck
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