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Intro and Feedback Request on Soft-Structured Carriers

Hey all!  I'm new to the board here.  My husband and I for the most part practice attachment parenting with our new son born 4/12/2014.  We haven't gotten into the baby wearing as much as I would like though.  I used to Moby wrap when LO was first born, but I think its time for a soft-structured carrier.  

I have to say, there are so many options and I am finding it a bit overwhelming!  We would really like one carrier that would work for both my husband and I  and during all seasons.  My husband is 6'1 -  average built and I am 5'3 - just barely plus-size.  We live in a climate that has cold winters and warm/humid summers. 

LO likes looking around, so I have been considering a carrier that gives a front facing option, but I am not sure this option is a deal breaker or not yet.  Ones I am looking at that do this this are the Bjorn One (Mesh), Ergo 360, and Beco Gemini.  For carriers without the front-facing option, I was looking at the Boba 4G, Beco Soleil, and Ergo Performance.  

I'ld love you hear your feedback on the carriers above.  

Thanks in advance and I am excited to be connecting with you all!

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Re: Intro and Feedback Request on Soft-Structured Carriers

  • I can only comment on the Ergo Performance.  We got it as our "cool" carrier for hot weather.  DH was using the Pikkolo before that which got really warm in the summer.  We both are able to use it fine and DH is 6'2" and I'm 5'3".  And we're still using it with our son.  He's a little over 2.5 and a little over 30lbs.
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    I'm 5'8 and DH is 6'2.  We love our Boba 4G. 

    I remember they strongly recommend NOT putting young ones forward-facing on your stomach as this might lead to hip dysplasia and can be overstimulating.  I wore DS forward-facing on my back.  He could see, but still could turn head away if needed.

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  • I stopped using my Ergo performance around when my daughter was 12 month old. I just got a Tula and she loves it! I like that it's useful for newborns and yet can be extended for toddler use.
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    I love my Tula but my husband uses the Boba 4G.  I'm 5'2" and he's 6'4" and we can both use the Boba with no issues.  It seems like both carriers can be used well into toddlerhood too.
  • We have the Stokke and it's been pretty good. I used it every day when she was's for 8 lbs, but I started at 6...I also used it a lot for errands when she was little, but when she became capable of holding her head up, she refused to do anything but forward facing. I think u are smart to look for this feature. A lot of people say front facing is bad for the hips, but so are exersaucers, jumpers, etc. we didn't use any of these items other than the carrier, and even then not for long periods of time.

    Dd is 17 lbs, and at this point I still use it for grocery shopping, but everywhere else she sits in the cart. I keep it in the car for places I don't want her in the cart and when I won't be there long enough to warrant the stroller.
  • I love my Kinderpack, although right now they are pricey and hard to buy because they are so popular. I have one with cool mesh, so it's nice for warmer weather. My dh and I both wear it, straps adjust fine for both of us, and once you get the right fit, you can wear baby forever without discomfort. Truly amazing :)
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