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Can we discuss Return to Zero?

DH and I watched Return to Zero this past weekend. For those of you that have seen it, what did you think of the movie? Overall, we liked it. I loved something her OB said- "because of what her son taught her, she will always be available to a child, appreciate that child more than most parents ever can". I loved that. And I thought it was casted well with really great performances. I also liked how they emphasized the stupid things people say when trying to offer condolences. I'm curious though to know what elements of the movie are true and which were added for theatrical purposes. Does anyone know more about the true story behind the movie?
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Re: Can we discuss Return to Zero?

  • I believe the entire story is true. The director was the Father. I watched it when it was on TV. It was really hard to watch, but very well done. I also think the acting was wonderful. I think the last part with the rainbow baby was really touching. Minnie Driver has been nominated for an emmy :)

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  • I did not like the movie. I thought it was painful and depressing and hopeless. It was well done, but not something I would watch again. I had encouraged friends and family to watch it, but after seeing it wish that I hadn't. I didn't relate to much of it. It does not depict our story at all. I'm glad that it doesn't and I'm sad that so many people relate with it so much. 
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  • I thought it was pretty well done...there were many parts that made it seem like I was watching a movie of my own life. I feel fortunate that my relationship with DH didn't go in that direction though...we had our struggles but we stuck together throughout the process.
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    That movie hit really close to home for me. I knew it would be hard to watch, but I also knew that I really wanted to watch it...I watched it through my On Demand channel. I could relate to that movie on so many levels (down to the marital problems). I loved the casting and thought it was really well done; I wound up buying the movie. It's something I'll watch with my parents and sister eventually, as they also want to see it. I watched the movie alone because I wanted to get all of my emotions out by myself, and I'm glad I did...the movie was so intense for me, but still well done in my mind.


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  • I'm trying to decide if I should watch/ order it. We are barely four months out from Ben's loss I suspect it might be too fresh for us. Our circumstances are different in many ways. I could see how it might help people understand our situation better though. I don't want to recommend it without watching it.
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  • I watched it recently. Alone, so I could cry if I needed to. The parts that I really related to were her being told the baby didn't have a heartbeat; that was almost exactly how it happened for me. And the delivery. I cried so hard during that part.
    I could also relate to the anger and feelings of hopelessness.
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