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lego party supplies????

Last year DD had the tough party theme choice (pocahontas), this year unexpectedly it is DS_--- I had no idea that finding lego paper plates etc would be difficult? Anyone seen them anywhere online (except for ebay where I have to have them shipped from the UK and it might take 3 weeks) or in stores???

Re: lego party supplies????

  • I had a Lego party for my DS. I just bought primary colored plates, cups and napkins. I drew lego faces on the yellow cups with a sharpie marker. I made straw toppers also. I got my inspiration from Pinterest. Super easy and inexpensive!
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  • Well I guess my search is in vain, bummer... I didn't really want to go the basic color route b/c I already got DD frozen party supplies but of the 2, DS is less likely to notice/care so we'll go w/ the primary colors then! I have seen the faces on the yellow cups idea and am going to use legos to build some plate/utensil holder thingees... I got the small bagged sets of legos at target by the cash register for favors so at least that was easy!
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    I have seen them at Hobby Lobby. It was probably a good 9mos ago that I last wandered down that aisle there, though.
  • We did primary colors as well with lego accents.  We also made chocolates out of a lego mold and the colored candy melts which were a hit!  The Lego store has a party-in-a-box that has some favors and things as well.

    The cake was our hardest part because there are no bakeries in our area that have copyright for lego.  We had them do some small clusters of dots along the sides of the cake in primary colors (red/blue/yellow), found some Lego candles (I think we found these at the party supply store) then put together 3 Mixel characters and put them on top of the cake to look like they were holding/interacting with the candles.  
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