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Hey everybody! GD FTM, here!

Hey guys!

I'm a FTM due 8/31.  I was diagnosed with GD about a month ago, I'm diet controlled, and my sugar patterns are just plain weird.  I never have a fasting over 80 and my postprandial blood sugars are usually at or below normal.  The specialist I see suggested I might not even have GD, but, I had my 32 week growth ultrasound last week and his weight was estimated at 5 lbs 10 oz - very, very big dude.  His femur was @ 32 weeks, abdominal circumference @ 35 weeks, and head circumference @ 37 weeks.  

Since I've been tracking, I realized that my body can't handle cocoa pebbles first thing in the morning and salt water taffy is a bad idea.  However, usually I can eat whatever (and I mean whatever) I want and my 2 hour postprandial sugar will be 110 or less.  My specialist suggests 2 hour postprandials stay <120.  

I guess I'm just looking for advice from women who have had GD and had healthy babies or maybe if anyone is seeing a specialist that has better methods than mine.  I'm worried about my son packing on a ton of weight and making the delivery difficult for both of us.  And I also don't want him to have any hypoglycemic episodes after birth.  I suppose the easy answer is to eat salad instead of cereal, (and I really, really would like to eat healthier) but I'm on a pretty tight budget for the next couple weeks. I guess I should mention that I'm in grad school and my living expenses are only covered during the school year - so I'm broke as a joke until ye olde financial aid refund gets dished out.

And I also can't really figure out how he got so big if my blood sugars are in the normal range 98% of the time. Anyone else having a similar experience?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

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