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Peanut allergy--not sure what to think?

DD2 is 6.5 months.  We started seeing blood in her stool almost immediately after birth.  I eliminated dairy, soy, wheat and eggs and she has been happy and healthy since.  At our last visit to the GI he said we should do a RAST just because now that DD2 is mobile she is going after DD1's food.  Everything came back negative with the exception of peanuts.  The nurse was the one that called to tell me, and she said it is a level 2 allergy.  I waited for the dr to call me, but he hasn't yet.  I am hoping he will call today.  I have not had peanut butter since maybe February when we were still going through figuring out what was bothering DD2.  I am thinking that I should make sure not to eat anything with peanuts, and of course DD2 shouldn't either.  Will I need to get an epi pen?  Do I need to be more cautious with other nuts?  Any advice?  Thanks. 

Re: Peanut allergy--not sure what to think?

  • Congratulations on all the negatives :) DS is 10.5 months he had a skin test. He tested positive for peanuts ( and a bunch of other things) the doctor prescribed an epi pen without me asking. Peanut allergies don't necessarily mean an increase chance of allergy to other nuts but just an increase chance of allergies period, i thought. I don't have any advice. Good luck.
  • Thanks Salemkitty13  We have an appt next week with the allergist.  You are also MSPI right?  Has your DS outgrown any intolerances yet?  Did the doctor tell you what the odds are to outgrow the peanut allergy? 
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  • Yes, we are MSPI. I thought he was getting better (outgrowing intolerances) I had added hidden dairy and soy back in my diet. But the allergy testing showed dairy, soy, wheat, egg, tree nut, peanut. He was cleared for corn and coconut. She did say he was likely to outgrow some/most by school age. Although probably not nut. My DH outgrew peanut by middle school. he still has a mild treenut allergy. I hope you get better news at the allergist :)
  • Thanks so much!  I am actually thinking of adding in hidden dairy soon.  I am dairy, soy, egg and wheat free now...and since I got the news that she has a peanut allergy I haven't had any peanuts. 
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