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Trying To Conceive. HELP!?

Me and my Fiance have been together for 5 years Last September we started trying for a baby. We both thought we would be pregnant by at least the second month of trying turns out its been 11 months no baby not even any some would call "scare". I have regular periods I do get frequent yeast infections and I  just started checking my cervical Mucus I was supposedly ovulating yesterday but when I checked it was white creamy and dry. When it should have looke like egg whites. Obvi I research a lot. Any suggestions guys! I am at my last resort before I go to the doctors I want to make it past a year before I go in I refuse to think there is something wrong with me or him. HELP!



Re: Trying To Conceive. HELP!?

  • You can try ovulation tests - they sell them at most drug & grocery stores and will give you your peak fertility days. You can also track your basal temperature to make sure you are ovulating - go to to learn more about it! If you have been trying regularly for a year with no luck you can go see a reproductive endocrinologist to start testing. An OB/GYN usually doesn't know what they are talking about as far as infertility goes.
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  • Thank You!


    I actually did find that site very helpful I have got myself ready to go for this next month.


    Your awesome for replying AGAIN THANKS!

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  • Nothing wrong in going to see a fertility specialist.
  • My hubby and I had sex twice a day, everyday after my last period. It worked for us!

    Everyone is different. Age makes a difference, as well as overall health in both partners. Talk to your Dr for options :)
  • I think body weight can have an impact. I'm a teacher and over the years have had many Moms tell me they concieved as soon they lost or gained weight. One Mom tried for 11 years and as soon as she got down to 135lbs they concieved instantly. Personally, I had been married 8 years and using the pill the whole time. I had unintentionally gained 15lbs and suddenly became pregnant despite using birth control. My dr. said it could have been my weight gain or chance.
  • We tried for just over a year.. Charted, tests, research, vitamins, laid there.. Legs alcohol, no blue cheese lol.... Honestly, I think the harder you try, the more your stressed and the less likely it will happen. We stopped trying and prevented instead for another year. Then I said " honey, let's just be careless and see what happens". That same month, we went to Vegas, got drunk, had sex, I got up immediately after to pee... Now my baby is 1. When the time is right, it will happen. Oh and I'm 37.
  • Ovulation kits are often wrong. One visit with a fertility Dr explained our issues and they were simple to resolve...all timing. Taking Charge of Your Fertility is the best book and Dr Craig at Fertility Treatment Center in East Valley is one of the best in the country and won't waste anyone's time or money. Highly recommend him. Two visits and we were pregnant...did not need any IVF or major treatments. (Though they do offer that if everything else fails.)
  • I got pregnant with my last two babies using ovulation test strips that I bought on Amazon for cheap.
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