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gestational diabetes advice.

I took a GD test yesterday and it came back that I failed. I go for a three hour diabetes test Monday. Any advice?

Re: gestational diabetes advice.

  • No advice, but I wouldn't try to "cheat" the test.  You want to know you have GD since it can carry serious complications for you and your baby if it goes undiagnosed and untreated.  I had it with my first pregnancy (not with this one, surprisingly) and I was able to manage my blood sugar with diet and exercise.

    Also, the 1 hour test is a screen and has a high failure rate.  The idea is that they don't want to miss anyone that has GD, so they make it harder to pass.


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  • I failed the three hour test and have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The kicker is I took the test early... It's not that bad. After I cried I got over it. I have spoken to my diabetes counselor, I have been given a meal plan and I'm actually okay. My meal plan is a general one. I check my blood when I wake up. Eat one egg with cheese, a cup of 1% milk and a slice of toast. I check my blood 2 hours later and eat 6 triscuit, half of a banana, and a teaspoon of peanut butter. It's really about eating the right amount of food. It's for your baby so don't stress.. I'm 3 months so I have 6 months on this plan.
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  • Honestly, the GD diet is the way that pregnant women *should* eat. I stuck fairly close to paleo, almost zero processed crap. Good for you and baby. It does suck to turn the cupcakes down though.
  • I had GD. As far as complications go , it was manageable. I kept a log if my levels and noted what I ate if it tested high. I had to go on insulin for the last six weeks. Good luck!
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  • I had it with my first and I have it again with this pregnancy. I passed the 1 hour but my OB tested me again later in this pregnancy because I had it with my previous pregnancy. It's not the worst thing to have during pregnancy - by far! As a previous posted noted - it really is the way pregnant women should eat during pregnancy.  

    I only gained 15 lbs during my first pregnancy and I think that was due to the diet I followed.  Same with this pregnancy. I am 31 weeks and I have only gained 5 lbs. I am a runner, I ran through my 1st pregnancy and am still running through this one.  The exercise helps with my numbers and the diet really isn't so bad.  I test first thing in the morning (Fasting) and then 2 hours after each meal. So far I've been able to control GD with diet and exercise.

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