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Seriously, where is everyone?! This board is dead. I-)

I want updates, pictures, news! How are all my lovely Caribbean ladies? Surviving the hot summer weather? Planning something fun for the 4th? :-*
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  • *...echoes...*

    Not much to report here. It's actually really mild in Wisconsin right now! It was 58 when we went to bed last night and raining. DH has been out of town for the last week (again, jeez) so he is taking the day off. I'll probably join him this afternoon and were going to go to BRU and decide on a damn rocker. Painting the nursery if I get inspired.

    Little man is doing well. Kicking the shit out of me and growing like a weed, if my wildly-expanding stomach is any indicator.

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  • Hi guys! No big plans for the 4th here. Just a cookout at my uncles tomorrow. I have balloons stuffed with blue confetti ready to roll. I just have to fill them with helium in the morning. We are going to tie firecrackers to them and let them go. This will be my "gender reveal" to my family. Can't wait. :) We told DH's family already but I wanted to wait til my family was all together to announce in person.

    Aside from that, I have fallen in love with swimming pools and air conditioning this summer, and my boobs now have an extra lift from my tummy pushing them up.

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  • Hello ladies, I always forget to check this board when I'm doing the rounds. Also, why is it so hard to find? I click local boards from the web home page and Caribbean is not listed, so I have to click local boards from there to find it? Annoying. Also, been super busy at work so it's probably for the best. Today is a slow day though, so here I am (Canadian, work today, had Tuesday off). 

    18 weeks and change with the twins now. One of them routinely kicks my cervix. That's fun. We're going to buy a Honda Odyssey tomorrow. Despite being anti-minivan for so long, I am irrationally excited. 


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  • Meh... My holiday weekend has been crappy so far. The air conditioning in our server closet at work decided to stop working and there was a power outage in the building last night. I've been up since yesterday morning going back and forth between home and work to see if everything can be fixed before Monday when people come back into the office. Somewhere in the midst of that, tomorrow I have to go to 2 bday parties.

    As for baby TeeJ, she's doing well with lots of kicking and punching. I'm hoping she gets a little more consistent with it so DH can feel it from the outside. He always misses it and I feel bad.
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