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What are your pre-labor symptoms?


Re: What are your pre-labor symptoms?

  • 39w 2days -3rd baby

    Bad reflux/heartburn
    2cm 30% effaced
    Was told babies head is still high at -3

    Feel lots of pressure, especially today, constant backache, lots of BH all day long everyday, some cramping, have had stomach ache, and feel like I need to poop all the time! Also, I have zero energy but can't sleep much bc I'm so ready and excited to meet boy #3!
  • 39+4
    0% and still thick
    Thursday was spent in bed, with NO energy, Crazy heartburn and nausea, couldn't eat for a day and a half, diarrhea, had REAL contractions, for a day and a half, then nothing. Stopped Cold.
    Increased discharge
    baby's head is very LOW
    Starting to feel sick again, hoping it's not another day of useless real contractions, and feeling sick

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  • MrsLeleMrsLele member
    edited June 2014
    37 + 4 and other than some occasional lower back pain/period type cramps, nada. I haven't had a cervical check and probably won't until 39 weeks. My first DD was born at 37 + 3 and I had zero signs/symptoms and bam, my water broke. I'm in no hurry and hope this one cooks until at least after the holiday, and I'm fine waiting even longer.

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  • Sorry to butt in with a question-- but I thought this might be the right place!

    FTM here at 36 + 3... A few days ago my midwife checked my cervix. She said it's softening but not dilated. She also said that she could feel the baby's head "right there," I'm assuming pressed against the cervix.

    Does this mean the baby has "dropped" or is there some further movement into the pelvis that she still has to do? I haven't noticed any real changes otherwise... Just more tired and more sore than usual.

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  • 37+5
    -Braxton hicks still in full swing
    -Period like cramping
    -Tons of rectum/vaginal pressure
    -Pelvic bone may possible break in two if I bend over any more
    -I've always had regular BM's but this 3-4 a day is a little ooc!!
    -nesting is an understatement
    -boobs leaking
    -discharge but I think Its been the same my whole pregnancy
    -RCS scheduled for July 10 but I'm ready when he is lol

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  • 36+5 
    Rock hard stomach
    On and off back cramps
    Off and on contractions (since 32 weeks due to irritable uterus)
    Obsession with keeping house neat just in case
    Lost mucus plug over a week ago...they can regenerate
    Baby is head down and in pelvis
    Checked at 32 weeks when I was in pre-term labor and was 1 cm 60% effaced. Will ask again at my Dr's appointment this week.
  • Ok I got rechecked today....2 1/2 cm, 80 percent effaced, and at a plus one. I'm trying not to get to excited. Dr said she wouldn't say that I would go into labor soon but that she was confident that I wouldn't make it past my due date! I'm not going to lie I'm hoping he comes sooner then later!
    splaster79[Deleted User]
  • 37w6d...Mostly the same symptoms as everyone else...As of last Wednesday baby was at 0 station and I was 80% effaced.  Going to get rechecked today.

    Mild cramping
    Lightening crotch
    Hurts to sleep - like someone took a baseball bat to my pelvis
    Hurts to sit - like baby is stuck in my butt and hasn't quite figured out which way to come out yet.
    Ligament pain
    Peeing myself
    Increased discharge

    The end of pregnancy is so glamorous. 

    MTAtlanta[Deleted User]MrsKubleyemail2ash
  • Man, this thread is depressing me.

    No symptoms

    Ditto.  Only 36+2, so I am not worried.  But, certainly a little anxious and uncomfortable!
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  • 38w 6d

    Tons of movement but all way up in my rib cage

    Not effaced
    Not dilated

    Pretty comfortable most of the day/night

    Doctors apt Monday night. Baby is measuring super big so if there is no progresses I'll be induced next week.

    Starting a mild freak out not specifically about labor but just in general. We are as ready as possible, but anticipation is nerve racking.

    Constantly walking/swimming/squatting to try and stimulate something. In the meantime...we will see
  • 36+3 cervical ck today 1cm still thick

    Swelling...legs and feet (ouch)
    Cramping prior to ck
    Bk pain
    Lots of discharge
    Sharp shooting pains in pelvic area
    Frequent urination
    Greedy (lol)
    Baby is head down and semi low
    Scale almost broke...
  • Update! 39 weeks=

    -constant pooping.
    -cramps and contractions randomly throughout the day, and then like "for real? Nah..." all night.
    -hip pain.
    -intense pressure in the vag and butt areas. Like baby is constantly stretching downward.
    -more hiccups? I feel them in my butt.
    -still no sign of the MP and no timeable contractions. Boooooo.

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  • 40 weeks today
    Been up since 1:45 the heartburn is that bad
    Epic pressure from baby's head on my skiddlyboop
    Sore back
    Severe headache

    Checkup yesterday afternoon 60% effaced, 1cm dialated

    Induction on the 8th if I don't go before
  • 36+3...

    -hips/pelvis cracking anytime I change positions in bed.
    -increased BM
    -HORRENDOUS heartburn.
    -pressure in vag/butt, constant feeling of needing to be sitting on toilet
    -lots of BH
    -lots of contractions (irritable uterus), but not really timeable.
    -zero energy

    RCS scheduled for 7/22, so no cervical checks. He measured it on US at my last appointment, but didn't mention if it'd thinned at all.
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  • Not sure if anything I have could be considered a pre-labor symptom.

    37 +3/4 days (lost track :P)
    *Floaters in eyes (yes called doc, they are unconcerned since baby is moving)
    *Extreme itchiness (still waiting on blood test results, have meds for it)
    *pressure in lower abdomen but no contractions or braxtion hicks
    *Morning sickness is back
    *Heartburn (but I have had that since 15 weeks)
    *Light headed and dizzy on occasion (doc is unconcerned, normal BP readings)
    *Sore back (but that is normal)
    *Frequent urination (but that is normal too)

    No signs this child is coming anytime soon.
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  • 35 week appt last Wed
    - 0 cm
    - no pre-labor symptoms
    - head down

    36 week appt yesterday
    - 2 cm --- yay! Progress!
    - mild, sporadic contractions
    - peeing more frequently (didn't think that was possible)
    - head down and dropped slightly
    - some backache relief (I'm assuming b/c LO is lower.)
    - tired and trouble sleeping
    - lots of cramping after my exam
  • Declined the cervical check this morning.  But figured I better list my symptoms since when I told them to my OB today she went from thinking baby would be around EDD or late to "Hmm, well maybe he could come early?"

    -loose stools.  And no longer needing to take Colace to be able to produce anything.  Yay.
    -Lower back pain.  Ugh.
    -Baby's head feels like he's going Pro Football Player headbutt on my pelvic bone.
    -When I wake up at night to pee, getting out of bed is even more difficult than just a few days ago and results in burning pain in the muscles on either side of my uterus for about 10 mins.
    -When baby stretches out--oh, the pain.  I have to pat his little foot to make sure it stays INSIDE my skin.

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  • 38+3

    -Nausea & vomitting (pretty much the whole pregnancy it just got worse again the last couple days even with zofan)

    -Horrible Acid reflux

    -A lot of back pain and back cramps

    -BH contractions

    -Head down and low causing cervical pain and pressure


  • Update: 38+5

    Had an appointment today. No change in cervix: 1 cm dilated, 0% effaced (cervix thick), baby's head not engaged.
    Doctor did a membrane sweep (tried) and it was very uncomfortable at only 1 cm. He doubts it will do anything. I was told that a membrane sweep has a better chance of working if you're active after... bouncing on an exercise ball, walking, cleaning, etc.

    -Semi-regular contractions have completely disappeared
    -slight cramping (probably from the membrane sweep)
    -on and off feelings of lots of pressure.. like his head engages and then goes back up
    -pelvic soreness

    I thought I was going to have him soon. But now I'm thinking he won't be here until 41 weeks.
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  • 38+4

    I was checked yesterday since my MW offered and I let curiosity get the best of me, although I know it doesn't really mean anything:

    -almost 2cm dilated

    -70% effaced

    - -2 station

    -Had tons of BH and real contractions last night and they were coming with regularity, then went away when I went to bed...Boo

    -Some brown bloody discharge today, but that may be from the check yesterday

    -More pressure in my pelvic region and my hips feel like they are splitting apart

    -I've been nesting like a mofo

    I would be thrilled if this baby comes in the next few days.


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  • LauraMyLoveLauraMyLove member
    edited July 2014
    39 + 1; baby #3

    1 cm dilated; 50% effaced
    Doc today said that baby needs to descend more into pelvic area

    Lightening crotch and cramping off and on
    Losing energy

    45 min drive to hospital
  • 37+4.

    Lost mucus plug week ago today
    Got checked today and 4 1/2 -5cm dilated
    OB said she could feel bag of waters 'right there'
    Stomach tight
    Low back pain

    Doctor going on vacation next week and wished me good luck because she didn't think she would be delivering baby. Soo I think this baby is coming soon!! So nervous and scared of labor but ready to kiss her face.
  • 39 as of midnight
    4cm 100%

    Annoyed as hell because my Dr doesn't think I'll make it to Monday but since my show Tuesday I feel like virtually nothing is going on.

    Constantly toilet bound
    Peeing a little every sneeze
    Horrible hip pain that brings me to my knees (I sat on the floor in Walmart today)
    So mean (poor DH)
  • ChrisBChrisB member
    38 + 5

    as far as I know not dilated

    constantly in the bathroom
    had a few specks of pink blood on the toilet paper this evening
    mild, mild cramping in lower belly
    more pressure/heaviness in lower belly
    can't stand for more than 5 or 10 mins at a time, back hurts (but that's nothing new)

  • 39 + 2

    -BH "episodes"- contractions irregular
    -Dull low back pain like period cramps
    -Cramps in pelvis like period cramps
    -Urge to clean my house
    -Feeling like i wanna just sit on the toilet to relieve pressure
    -Monster heartburn yesterday- none today
    -Sharp twinges like needle pricks inside birth canal (been happening since 34wk)
    - small feeling of nausia during some BH contractions
  • 38w4d

    -Tons of BH
    -A few real contractions
    -Loose stool
    -Feeling like I need to contantly use the bathroom or just sit on the toilet to relieve pressure
    -Swollen feet/ankles, more so on the right side
    -Super bitchy
    -Sharp pains in groin/hip that sometimes send me to me knees
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  • I am loving this post. It is one of the most helpful threads I've read in awhile. It seems like there are tons of questions at the start and end with that never ending wait in the middle!
  • 39+3 (FTM)
    -Lots of cramps
    -Increased discharge (mucus plug?)
    -More pressure even though it looks like I haven't dropped (feels like his head is straight on a nerve at times)
    -dull throb (nerve pain) in right shoulder
    -incredibly swollen feet/ankles
  • Bree Bree member
    edited November 2016
    Hey guys quick question?? 
    Im 36 weeks and 2 days 
    I've been having pressure in vaginal area, cramping, lower back pain on and off, also yesterday it felt like he wasn't trying to push himself out. 
    I am 3 cm dialted and he is very low, Not sure how low but last time they checked they told me he was very very low. 
    So my question is.... is this early signs of labor? It has been going on for 3 days now. 
    I also think I lost my mucus plug last week but it was yellow, like discharge. 
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