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What are your pre-labor symptoms?

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For those of us still anxiously awaiting DD - Are you experiencing any pre-labor symptoms? Let us know what week you are, what they are and how long you've been experiencing them. List form is better so we don't have to read novel posts. Examples: Dropping, pressure, loss of mucous plug, bloody show, increase in BH, backache, energy level, etc. If you've had your cervix checked and feel like sharing those deets as well that would be awesome (dilation, effacement, etc.). 
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Re: What are your pre-labor symptoms?

  • 35 + 5

    Exhausted (more so this week)
    Baby is extremely low - not sure how low because I haven't had a cervical check yet.
    Low dull backache began this week
    Pretty sure I lost part of my MP 3 days ago.
    And BH continue to annoy everyday. 
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    [Deleted User]
  • Same symptoms as LaceyDanielle. Also have a headache that won't ease at all.

    I'm not dilated either.

    I'm 38w4d.
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  • 36w4d.

    More pressure.
    Lost mucus plug yesterday.
    Stomach feels tight.
    Body aches and just want to be in a pool.
    1 cm and 50% effaced on Monday (we will see what, if any, changes occur down there on Monday
  • 37w2d 2cm dilated, 50% effaced Baby is super low Increased Braxton Hicks Been losing significant amounts of mucus since Sunday night, had some with a little blood this morning Upset stomach/cramping on and off I just want my baby to get here already!!
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  • 38w5d.
    Lots of pressure
    Different back pain from just sciatica (hard to describe)
    Doc says baby's head is pretty much right there
    Pretty sure mucous plug is gone or partially gone
    2cm dilated, not very effaced (haven't heard a %age)
    Induction scheduled for Monday night!
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  • 37w2d

    MP partially gone
    Cramps, off and on
    Head is low but not fully engaged
    Low back pain, starting today

    Only 25% effaced and no dilation.
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  • 38+6

    Lots of lower back/pelvic pressure

    BH but I've been having a lot of those since 34 weeks or so

    I'm not having any obvious "labor is imminent" signs, but I didn't before I went into labor last time either, so who knows.  I'm trying not to drive myself crazy analyzing every twinge, but not totally succeeding.

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  • 37w6d
    Back pain
    Membranes scraped
    Lost MP on Thurs
    Contractions increased Thurs
    1.5 cm dialated
    25% effaced
  • 37+5

    2cm dilated, 70 percent effaced

    shooting boob pain
    Baby is almost right on top of my cervix



  • 36w 2d. Bh and regular contractions Exhaustion Nausea Head down in position but facing front instead of back Lower back pain Will be checked Thursday for dilation
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  • 36 wks 6 days
    1.5 cm dilated (as of Monday)
    Lots of cramps
    Intense pelvic pain
    Lost at least part of MP this week
  • 36w 6 days
    3 cm
    50% effaced
    Baby head is right there but bouncy not quite engaged.
    Having tons of contractions but that is not new.
    I went between 36
    And a half and 38 weeks with my other three so I am hoping this one will be the same:)
  • 38+2

    BH since week 16.

    I got nothing else. No checks at the doc.

    DD was 40+3 and I felt nothing until I was already 5cm dilated and 5 minute contractions. I'm assuming that could happen again!
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  • alyss0nlalyss0nl member
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    37+5... Sorry for formatting, I don't know how to format on my iPad. Last check I was 5cm. Bloody show/ mucus plug, exhausted, decrease appetite, backaches, increased BH contractions, trouble sleeping.... That's what I can think of for now. It's been like this for a week, I'm so ready! I had DS at 39 weeks, so hoping he will arrive sooner than that!
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  • 38w
    Nausea, decreased appetite, diarrhea this morning, fatigue, trouble sleeping, increased irritability, hip and back pain, lots of BH and some period like cramping, think a little mucous plug is starting to fall out, baby is low. Having a "feeling" it'll happen soon, but that could just be optimism.

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  • 38 weeks today.

    I've been extremely nauseous and exhausted for the past week, also I've had a headache (not sure if that's a symptom of oncoming labor?)

    Back pain.

    Super awful hip pain, some contractions.

    At yesterday's appointment my cervix was "high and thick, but soft and a fingertip dilated"

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  • beff12beff12 member
    35 + 5

    Noooo energy
    Vag pain

    Not sure if there's any progress yet...next appointment is Wednesday!

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  • 36 weeks ftm

    Head down for a while not sure what week,
    Last doctor appt he said she was very low

    Since 33/34 weeks had regular contractions (false labor)

    Lost mp little by little past few weeks

    Almost completely thinned out (never got a %) just been told barley anything there

    2cm dilated last check

    Lots of Bh, back pain, loose bm & constipation, hips/pelvic cracks every time I get out of bed or roll over, lots of pressure in pelvis/ stretching or pulling feeling in pelvis. Mood changes exhausted then get the nesting urge to clean.
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  • 38 + 6

    Lost my MP
    Bloody show
    Contractions on and off throughout the day
    Lower back pain
    Baby very low
    Lots of pressure down there
    Last appt was 3 cm, don't know effacement
  • 36w3d

    Back pain
    Cramping. ..or are they contractions?
    No appetite
    Pooping 3+ times a day
    Underwear has constant wet spot which I think is just pee
    Baby has dropped
    Chunks of what I assume are the mucus plug with a bowel movement

    No blood yet in MP

    Next appt Monday and I'm asking for a check. They start at 37 wks and I'll be 36w6d.

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  • 36 w 5 d

    - Dropped, third baby so he's somewhere around my knees
    - looser BMs
    - nausea

    That's all I've got here. I feel like a ticking timebomb though and I'm obsessed with the house being in perfect order.

    I feel ya on the third baby. Might as well be hanging one hand out saying hi at this point he feels so low.
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    [Deleted User]cakebatter27cyndelgracefmb2011
  • 36+4. Back pain, more BH and some painful crampy type ones too, looser BMs, tired but insomnia, baby is getting lower (head is totally in my pelvis as of US yesterday), LOTS of lower belly/pelvic pain.
  • 36+3 Loose BMs, cramps, contractions. 70% effaced and 1 cm dilated. Doctor said cervix is very soft and her head is engaged. A ton of back and pelvic pain/pressure.

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  • clk723clk723 member

    Greenish discharge (mucus plug?)
    Cracking of the hips
    Pressure in pelvis
    Cramping like crazy
    More BMs

    Hoping these are signs he's coking very soon but not holding my breath
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  • 39+3...exhausted last week and a half
    Had lots of energy wed night and cleaned till 4am(nesting)
    Increased Braxton hicks last 2 weeks
    Increase discharge. Nausea
    1.5 cm dilated, pretty thinned out....
    HATE waiting! My 30th birthday is Tuesday due date is WED....praying Sunday or Monday I go into labor!
  • 38 weeks + 0
    1 cm dilated and 0% effaced
    cervix is still high and long
    gel-like discharge
    sometimes I'm comfortable and sometimes I have lots of pelvic pressure
    went from being super nest-y and productive to wanting to sleep all the time

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  • nicolettebnicoletteb member
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    37 + 3

    -Constant tightening of stomach
    -Lots of pressure in pelvic area when standing or walking
    -Can't sleep at night; this is when belly feels most sore and heavy
    -VERY gassy
    -Bathroom (pee) count last night = I got up 11 TIMES in 7hrs!!!
    -No cervical check yet

    ETA: added symptoms
  • 36+5
    More bh and some real deal contractions
    Increase discharge
    Zero energy
    Pressure and lower back pain
    1cm 25% as of a week and a half ago
    Just feeling off
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  • 38+1

    BH every day now, and they increase if I go on walks or clean etc.

    A few actual contractions - the kind you can't talk through and make you double over.

    Increased discharge (though thankfully no pee leaks yet!)

    Popping, cracking, achey pelvis, hips, and knees

    Increasingly odd sleeping patterns (up till 5 am last night!)

    No weight gain since 34 weeks?

    Cramping when I stand up

    And finally, lots and lots of lightning crotch/sciatic nerve pain/legs giving out. Yay!
  • ktotharistaktotharista member
    edited June 2014
    37 + 2
    1cm as of 36W
    40-50% effaced
    baby -2 station
    Lots of pressure, low back ache, BH contractions, and regular contractions (almost painful - more intense and uncomfortable than BH) that last 2-4 hours and then magically stop (gahhh!)
    Loss of plug a week and a day ago
    Recent insomnia from increased contractions

    Edit: loose/more frequent BMs

  • bgoodbparbgoodbpar member
    edited June 2014
    38 weeks

    Nothing really :/

    But I had nothing w/DS then it hit and was to the finish line from there.

    NP opted not to check me at my Thursday appt since I wasn't technically 38 weeks yet.... So no idea what's brewing in the lady bits but hopefully something because I have def had an increase in the yucky symptoms this week ( nausea vomiting heartburn indigestion-- not related to the stomach virus I caught Monday)

    Seriously hoping I don't have 2 4th of July babies. One is enough lol.

    drunkenhandstand[Deleted User]
  • shanaynerzshanaynerz member
    edited June 2014
    36 + 2 (with twins)

    2-3 cm dilated, 80% effaced, -2 station I think as of Thursday

    many more BH over the last week

    contractions/cramps Thursday lasting about 10-12 hours; went to hospital and wasn't dilating more and they went away...boo!

    lost mucus plus yesterday (still losing stuff today, too...yay lol)

    Baby A (and Baby B, too, maybe) has dropped significantly, and he was already crazy low

    not gaining much weight anymore and fundal height hasn't changed much (similar to what happened prior to having DD)

    Feels like they'll be here soon since I was pretty much in early labour a few days ago, but who knows what their plan is... Should be induced end of this coming week at least.
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  • 37w3d

    Frequent bm
    Frequent urination
    Excessive heartburn/reflux/nausea and feeling like I could vomit at any moment
    Insane sleeping pattern/extreme exhaustion
    General "heavy" feeling in my entire torso
    Popping pelvis/hips if I'm sitting or laying too long
    Lightning crotch that's come back with a vengeance/10-20 minutes at a time 6-7 times a day
    And since last week I have an hour or two of contractions every day at some point, usually after my walk. All of them painful and on intervals but they always stop
    Increased discharge but no difference in texture/color at all
    Was at 50% effaced with no dilation a week and a half ago, get checked again on thursday
    drunkenhandstand[Deleted User]
  • 36w 2d
    Increased nausea/ vomiting
    Bowels can't make up their mind... are we diarrhea or constipated??
    Dr. doesn't go into much detail, just said "wow, he's very low" at cervical check and that my "cervix is thinning"
    Had a burst of energy the last few days, today I'm pooped...
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