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Sleep problems

Here's my situation. It's long. Sorry.

I think I've posted on here before about my LO not sleeping all night. Well she still isn't. She's 14 months this month and still won't sleep all night in her crib.

I realize in the past I've made mistakes like bringing her to bed when I couldn't handle it anymore. Or nursing her every time she woke up.

Well she is weaned now. But my problem is is she doesn't stay asleep for very long before waking up. And then proceeding to wake up every 5-30 minutes until after 2 hours of continuously going in and putting her back down I cave and bring her to bed and then she sleeps perfect!!

So she obviously doesn't want food or milk. And she goes straight to sleep whenever I pick her up or bring her to our bed and continues to sleep all night. So it's clearly a comfort thing. She wants mommy and daddy.

I've tried methods of laying her back down before she falls asleep and it doesn't really work. I wack my back out hunching over the crib patting her till she falls asleep. And then some nights I can't even get out of the room before she wakes up. Other nights she stays asleep but only for 10 min and she's awake again. Time to repeat the 30 min processes again of patting, sssh-ing, and humming. Then slowly inch my way out. Only to be back in there in 20 minutes or less.

My husband and I don't mind her ending up in our bed but really only if she wakes like at 3 or 4 am. But she's waking up before he and I even get to bed. So we don't get alone time? How will we ever make LO2??

Cry it out doesn't work because she sits up and stands up. She would cry forever! Am I just suppose to listen to her scream and cry "mommy" until when? She finally just falls over of exhaustion?

I feel so helpless. I don't know what to do. None of the sleep training methods are working. All that's working is bringing her to bed with us. Which isn't good. Because like I said we don't want her coming into our bed before we even get into bed. So our last hours before bed are spent getting her back to sleep in her crib.

Help me.

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    it is ok if she stands up while you try CIO. That is what my girl did and I was worried about her hurting herself by the time she went to sleep but amazingly she went down without injury. There is a few times here and there she maybe bumped against the head board a little ( I cant remember for sure) but she was perfectly fine.

     CIO is hard to do but so worth it , I remember she used to pass out just like you are saying with your LO as soon as I picked her up or brought her in my room.  Now that she is able to put herself to sleep she LOVES sleeping in her own bed. For me it only took 3-4 days of CIO so I am lucky but hopefully for you it wont take very long either. That is if you chose to try it again.

     I hope you figure out something I do not know what i would do if I still wasnt getting some alone time! Good luck!  :) 
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    I don't have a lot of advice on getting her to stay asleep, other than trying CIO..
    HOwever, in regards to "making #2," are we the only couple that almost NEVER has sex at night?  It's usually during LO's nap time!  Haha.
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    EDub93EDub93 member
    Lol @JSS1002‌ Nap time is probably the best time! There've been times we have. That's normally Saturday and Sundays when we can ;) weekdays it doesn't work out as such.

    And others..thanks for your suggestions. I suppose cry it out is my only option. I'll give it a go. Agh... Wish me luck!
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    @EDub93, I know CIO is tough, but I think it's your only option at this point. The hardest part will be not caving in and bringing her into your bed to make the crying stop! I am still a big fan of the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and the website Troublesome Tots, which is very funny and has lots of great tips.
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