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Over night Diapers

Ok. I was so excited that my LO was finally sleeping thru the night.

but then 2 weeks later, he started to wake up in the middle of the night because his diaper had flooded.. I changed it to Pampers baby dry which is suppose to hold for 12hours but he pees too much. lol

I think the key problem is that he has taken to sleeping on his i think the pressure from his body on a full diaper causes the leak... so i'm not sure if there is any solution...

any thoughts?

Re: Over night Diapers

  • lmcgtlmcgt member
    I had this same problem when my little guy started sleeping on his belly at night. I use pampers baby dry also but I tried one size up for bedtime and so far he is making it 12 hours with no leaks!!!
  • okay. I'll look into the insert. 

    I dont think one size up is possible with mine, his just enter his current size.

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  • We don't change him overnight, unless there is a puppy diaper. However, I'm pro Pampers Swaddlers, since nothing else gave him a full protection for so many hours. He's 7 mo, tummy sleeper.
    Worth to try!
  • We use the Huggies night diapers.  I love them.   DS moves all around in his sleep and we haven't had any accidents.   We were using the Honest Company diapers, but they wouldn't last him through the night and he would wake up needing a change.
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  • The only thing that doesn't leak for us is Huggies Overnights.
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  • Put the diaper on backwards. It helped for us until we were able to size up.

    We were always one size up in the baby dry compared to the swaddlers, so you can give it a try and see how it goes.
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  • Pampers recently came out with Extra protection diapers- they are amazing!!! Baby dry didn't work for us, but in these diapers my daughter sleeps a full 12 hrs (& she's a tummy sleeper) with no leaks. With swaddlers & baby dry both a size up she wet thru. Try them- life changing lol!
  • i didn't know about the extra protection one, I haven't see it. going to have to look around.

    I do point his thing down.

    I was on swaddler and that's the one that leaked originally ...

    I didnt want to pick up Huggies because when he was younger it didnt fit right, always leaking. 

    Putting it on backwards is an interesting comment. lol Is there more coverage that way?

  • DS was having the same problem he has always been in swaddlers, for overnight we have started using the Pampers Extra Protection and they are working great. He is a tummy sleeper also, I have only been able to find them at Target in my area. They seem to go up higher on his tummy which I think helps since that is where most of his leaks have been.

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  • This was a huge problem for us too- I tried 6 different brands with no success. Then I started putting a cloth diaper cover (GroVia) over the disposable diaper (Huggies Overnight). I haven't had a single leaky night since then. Changed my life!
    Good luck!
  • roo1ooroo1oo member
    Try a small pack on 1 size up. Even if baby is just barely in the current size, one size up will still fit if you pull closures tighter. I've tried and been happy with most overnight diapers in baby's current size though.
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  • Alright I'm going to try the one size up and going to look for the extra protection one over the weekend
  • Luvs are the only ones I have found that don't leak overnight for us.
  • Pampers Swaddlers all the way! Sometimes the diaper is super full, but we have never had one leak pee or poop. He is a tummy sleeper as well and I put the diaper up a little higher in the front for bedtime.
  • Pampers extra protection night diapers has worked for us.
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