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possible milk allergy or lactose issue?

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this with their LO.  

My Little guy is 7.5 months; initially nursed then had to supplement with ready to serve formula (latching, then a later supply issue and inability to gain weight, eventually loosing a bit).  I stopped nursing completely at 6 months and started concentrated formula (had very bad gas and pain issues then as well which was diagnosed as reflux and treated with med's we continue today) and then recently switched to powdered formula (all the same line of a particular brand).  Since switching to the powder LO has been extremely gassy (especially in the afternoon and evening despite the reflux med's), squirms and wriggles as if in pain and cries and arches back - he normally polishes off a full bottle, but now is stopping with at least an ounce or more left, and is carrying on as if he can't take one more minute of it.  He typically closes his eyes while I am feeding him before bed and goes to bed fantastically; now he is wide awake, upset and apparently writhing in pain, can't fall asleep unless I am holding, bouncing or rubbing his belly and has woken up a few nights and was unable to get him back to sleep for over an hour or more and is quite inconsolable.  

I started him on a partially broken down milk protein formulation over night and he seems to be a different baby today; back to his happy mostly gas free self, and went to bed easily tonight; body was very relaxed and in no apparent discomfort.  From what I am reading faring better with a partially broken down protein formulation would still indicate an allergy as opposed to a lactose issue.  

I was diagnosed with a milk allergy as a small child as well (has improved slightly over the years but I still do not drink milk); but things were much different then!  Any insight would be appreciated!

Re: possible milk allergy or lactose issue?

  • Why don't you just go back to the ready to feed formula as opposed to the powdered formula?  They are slightly different in composition and maybe your LO just cannot handle the differences in the powder?  You said he seemed fine before switching, so I don't think it's an allergy issue.  I think it is his tolerance for the powdered formula.  Keep in mind also that the powdered formula has to be shaken to mix, and that causes more air bubbles in the bottle.  This alone can cause some babies to have issues with it.  The ready to feed formula does not have that issue.


  • You would know if he had a true milk protein allergy.  His symptoms would be way more than gas and he would not tolerate even the broken down formula.  If he seemed better with that one stick with it. 
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