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xp anyone turn a train table into a lego table?

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tried this on school age a couple days ago but no takers...

We have a big thomas train table that Ds doesn't play with anymore and he is reallllly into Legos and the small square lego table is not cutting it for the cities he wants to build so I thought we might as well make use of that big train table... I see on amazon I could buy some assorted 15 and 10 inch squares and cover almost the whole thing except a couple inches on two sides... wondering of there are any other alternatives to this in larger sizes (is it possible to trim the plates for a better fit?) or good ways to connect the plates without gluing them onto the existing table top? I am not handy and don't really want to make a custom board for it since we don't have the tools to cut our own but I guess I could try that too (not to sound dumb but can you buy a custom cut piece of olywood at lowes or Home Depot?). Thanks!

Or, you know I could have just googled. Der. http://www.icanteachmychild.com/2013/11/train-table-into-a-lego-table/

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