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The Grandparents

Have any of your LO's started calling their grandparents anything, yet?  Mine has not.  We've asked each grandparent what they want to be called, so we use those name when talking to/around LO, but they all realize they'll be whatever our daughter starts calling them.  DD is the first grandchild on both sides, so she's going to be the one who "names" the grandparents for all of her cousins.  

Just curious to see what you guys are doing.

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Re: The Grandparents

  • My dad wants to be called Poppa - LO actually says "Boppa" instead.   MIL is Mimi and LO says that really well.  LO has not attempted to say Gram or Grandpa which is what the other grandparents want to be called.

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  • My mom has always been Nana. She wanted to be Nana, so we called her that and it's stuck. Her husband, my stepdad, has always been Poppa Steve to me, so Poppa was his natural grandparent choice (Nana and Poppa).

    My dad is straightforward Grandpa or sometimes Grandpa Shane. That was more or less my choice. Apparently, he wanted to be Poppa, but my stepdad got that moniker first, so...

    I refer to my MIL as Grandma Bobby, since that's what she would call herself around the kids.

    We also have a Grandpa Jim, who is actually their great-grandfather, but Grandpa Jim is easier for the time being.
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  • My mother is Memére (French, and it's what I call her mother). LO sounds like she's saying it! My father is Grandpa, and she's not even trying that yet.

    FIL is 'Pa' (what my husband called his father), and MIL is Nana, which LO says
  • DD hasn't tried saying any of them yet, and I kind of hope she does pick out names for them in time.  But for now, my parents are just Grandma & Grandpa.  DH's parents don't have set names yet...DD's cousin calls them a few different things, Grandma Jamie & Grandpa Steve, Papa Steve, Papa... I personally think it's weird to use their first names - just because my grandparents were always nicknames to me I guess.  So I'm kind of hoping it changes to just Nana & Papa (MIL has said she would like to be called Nana).  We'll see if DD has an opinion when she starts talking more!
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  • My mother is Nana, my father is grampy. My mother is law is "Baba" and my FIL doesn't really have anything. He doesn't associate these names with them yet or use it
  • My dad and stepmom are "Tank" (long story) and Nana. My mom and stepdad are Grandma and Pop-pop. And my husband's mom and dad are Nai-nai and Ye-ye (Chinese). They all live long distance, so my daughter doesn't see them very often, and she doesn't even say mama and dada yet (much less any other words) so she doesn't actually call them anything.
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  • MIL wanted to be called Nana and my daughter says that. FIL is Grandpa but she says "papa" for now. My parents just wanted grandma and grandpa, but she doesn't call them anything yet (she also doesn't see them as much as my MIL and FIL).
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  • My girls call my parents nonno and nonna my husbands parents are nonno Paul and nonna Donna the girls got nonno and nonna down still trying to get their names but were progressing!!
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