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Hi! I'm a mom to a four year old and have a new baby due in August. I try to follow as much if a Eco friendly/non-toxic lifestyle as possible. I'm pretty sure were going to be using our first daughters crib for the new baby and getting our daughter a twin bed. We've decided on a Naturepedic mattress but I'm having trouble deciding on the bed. Does anyone know of any non toxic furniture brands or something as safe as possible where we can get her a twin bed? I tried searching on greengaurd but only really found cribs. Thanks

Re: Intro/furniture question

  • Obasan for the mattress in case you change your mind from Naturepedic.  We absolutely love the support from Obasan, way better than Naturepedic in my opinion.  Natural rubber, made in Ottawa, Canada.  Great philosophy and accountability for this company.  Every member of our family has Obasan mattresses.  I had a Naturepedic, and I returned it.  

    I also had an oeuf be good twin bed frame, and wound up selling it, as I found the initial off-gassing way too strong.  Even though they say it's low, etc., it's pressed board.  So, my recommendation is to stay with solid wood.

    We bought a twin bed frame from, they ship to US too, in case you're in US, and the bedframe is from a Vermont furniture manufacturer.  It's gorgeous, gorgeous quality.   I don't think they have the bedframe on the site, they custom ordered it for us, and we had our choice of 3 styles.  I was a little wary of ordering furniture online, without seeing it, as have had so many bad experiences with this before, but it is really exquisite quality, solid cherrywood. (but I think that there were 2 other wood options, I can't remember for sure).

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