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Anyone on here have a home birth? I'm considering it with my 2nd child due in Feb. Looking for personal good and or bad experiences. Not looking for your opinion on the subject if you personally haven't had one.

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  • You might want to ask/read te stories and threads on the natural birth board if you haven't already.
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    Ditto the NB board, when you are able to see it. I had a planned homebirth for #1. (Success rates for first baby HBs are a lot less successful, so keep that in mind regarding my experience.)

    Loved the prenatal with a midwife - long visits in one of our homes or her very relaxing office, all testing and decisions were ours to make (although I had a difficult time with the u/s because our midwife did not have a relationship with an OB),.... all in all, it felt very unmedical.

    We never went into active labor and after 42+ weeks and everything under the sun to induce naturally, I needed to go to a hospital to deliver, so I didn't get to experience the birth side of the home birth (aside from all the planning and preparation).

    Based on my experience, I would just advise that you need to expend some energy planning for what-if.... like establishing care with the hospital (which I did for my u/s), knowing your hospital situation, etc. I do think it would be much easier to go the HB route after a successful birth, because you'd already know the hospital/OB side of the process.

    GL with your decision!
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  • I had homebirths with both my sons. Great experiences from the prenatal care to the postpartum home visits from our midwife (our son's six week visit is coming up next week).

    I would recommend finding a midwife that you really trust and resonant with. I also read a ton of homebirth stories, Ina May's books and watched homebirth videos. My first was born in the birthing tub. This last labor was "on land" (which I found to be harder - if a water birth is an option).
    Some of my favorite aspects of a homebirth are: complete control of the environment, waking up in my own bed, being able to have our family present (brother-in-law & his wife) and having my then 22 month old present for early/early active labor (he then went to sleep).

    Good luck!!
  • EStaceEStace member
    I delivered my son at home in February. It was great. I got to know both the midwives over the months as they came to our house for our appointments. I was very comfortable with them. I read as much as possible. I labored mostly alone for several hours (my husband kept my water glass full) and felt relaxed & comfortable in my home. When my water broke we called the midwife and when she arrived I was fully dilated and ready to push. I pushed for a little over an hour and when my son's shoulder wouldn't come out my MW was more than capable of helping him out. She was also able to stitch up my tear & she did a fabulous job. My birth team felt like friends. I was able to cuddle and nurse my boy for a long time before they stitched me up and checked his weight and such. Great experience.
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  • I had a homebirth with my daughter, and I was pleased with the whole experience. Definitely make sure you find a midwife that you are comfortable with, and one that you trust to make the right decisions if something goes wrong. In all, I had a really positive, comfortable experience and plan to do the same with my next pregnancy.
  • The natural birth board is under the pregnancy category, FYI.

    I had a home birth for my second and wouldn't trade it for the world! Absolutely amazing! I can't wait to have another.
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  • I had a home birth with my first. It was the most amazing experience of my life. I am now pregnant with my second and a home birth is what i'll most likely go with. Since my first, my health insurance changed (my previous one paid in full for my HB) so my other option is a Birthing Center nearby that is well known for their non-intrusive, all natural practices. As long as i am in a natural birth oriented environment, i'm okay!  
  • I originally wanted a home birth, but chose a birth center birth for insurance reasons.  I'll answer anyway though, since it's with the same group of midwives who I'd have a home birth with if my coverage for it was better.  I'm only 25 weeks pregnant, but until 20 weeks I was going to the birth center midwives and the a hospital-associated OB/midwife practice in addition.  I've been so much happier with the prenatal care from the birth center midwives.  The midwives at the hospital OB/midwife practice never seemed to really have time to give me their full attention or get to know me or my situation.  I swear their different scales in the clinic were poorly calibrated because they'd alternate between telling me I was gaining weight too fast, and that I was losing weight and needed to stop starving myself (my scale at home showed relatively smooth weight gain).  At the hospital practice, they weren't clear with me about what tests they were doing, why, or what the results were (only call patients with results if they are abnormal).  At one point I finally called for results of some genetic screening tests I thought they were doing on me at my request, only to find out that they didn't realize I wanted them (not what you want to hear at 16 weeks).  The birth center midwives have been much better about communicating with me on both normal and abnormal results, about explaining what various things mean, helping me understand my options, discussing diet with me in detail without getting caught up on (bogus) measurements, etc.  Also, when I have a health or scheduling question, I can call or email and I'll hear back from either the one scheduling person (who I know pretty well now) or one of the midwives I see regularly, instead of from a scheduler or nurse who I don't know at all.  It makes the whole experience feel so much better.

    Obviously, I don't know yet if this will translate to a similarly better birth experience, but I certainly believe that it will.  I also like that I will have one midwife I know with me through the entire L&D, rather than potentially shift after shift of nurses I don't know (everyone says the nurses at the hospital I'd go to are great, but they are still strangers) with an OB or hospital midwife showing up at the last minute to tell me to push.  
  • I had a wonderful home birth experience with my second child (Dec 2012).  Here is my home birth story: https://forums.thebump.com/discussion/8713251/home-birth-story-for-our-baby-wade
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  • I had a home birth for DD in May. It was hard but I won't do it any other way. Just trust your Midwife. Things can get scary fast so just have an emergency plan. She might already have a hospital she transfers to unless you're closer to a different one if there's no time. I'm especially greatful I was able to have one when I hear friends and family's hospital birth experiences. They certainly don't feel that they had a bad experience, but I can't help compare my birth experience to theirs. Constantly being messed with, nurses not letting them sleep for longer than 2 hours for 2 nights, not being able to eat more than what was in the vending machine because the kitchen was closed. I stuffed my face and drank tons while everyone else cleaned up. We were instructed to go to bed and sleep for 5 hours before we begin times feedings. Also being able to text questions and having such a personal relationship was incredible for a FTM. I say do it!
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    Katrinamu said:

    We were instructed to go to bed and sleep for 5 hours before we begin times feedings.

    Can you explain this to me?? Newborns need to nurse frequently because colostrum metabolizes fast and their tummies are so very tiny. This "instruction" makes absolutely no sense to me, for establishing breastfeeding OR bonding! Where is baby during your 5-hour nap?
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    I deleted my earlier post because it sounded too defensive. I apologize for that. I know newborns need to feed frequently, and we did. As soon as baby came out she was put to the boob. I'm not sure why she had us 3 initially sleep for 5 hours. Baby was sleeping between us in bed. Our Midwife is also my ND and baby's pediatrician so I fully trust her. I'm sure if a single 5 hour stretch could possibly harm breast feeding and bonding, she wouldn't have given the instruction. I understand your concern though. We co sleep and have luckily been very successful with breast feeding, so no harm was done.
  • Yea, I don't know. You're totally right. She definitely stressed feeding every 1.5-2 hours after that. My best friend is a Doula and was there, so I'll have to ask her about that. She's worked with many different Midwives in and out of hospitals, so I'll see how common that is.
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