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Does it sound like this IUI will be a bust?

My last follistim cycle was canceled for overstimulation. This cycle, I stimmed for 5 nights and had about 10 follicles around 7 mm and my E2 was 255. Since there were so many they decided to keep me at 50iu and go slow. 2 days later they measured 5 around 9 and my E2 only went up to 258. They decided to still keep me on the 50iu and when I went back 2 days later I had 3 around 12/13 and a few around 8mm still but my E2 dropped to 153! I thought we would definitely end up canceling but they decided to keep going and up my dose to 75iu for the next 3 nights. When I went back in on Monday I had a follicle measuring 19 and 3 around 13 and my E2 jumped up to 484. We decided to trigger and did the IUI yesterday but now I am totally over analyzing all of this and thinking the 19mm one was either a cyst or just a crappy egg! I have PCOS if that makes a difference at all....

Re: Does it sound like this IUI will be a bust?

  • I think you're good! My nurse told me a mature follicle over 18 mm will produce between 200 and the 19 probably was putting out just the right amount and the other follies were putting out E2 as well, accounting for the rest. At least that's how I look at it, but Rumbera is right, anything is possible! Stay positive and good luck!

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    I am sorry I have no advice I am new to all of this. I just wanted to tell you good luck. FX this is your cycle.

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  • Rumbera28 said:

    I know it's hard, but try your best not to obsess too much... this stuff will drive you crazy if you let it. 

    During my stay here, I've seen stats that are pure perfection on paper turn out to BFN's,  crazy wonky ones show up with BFP's and everything in between.  You're not out until your out. :-)

    I couldn't have said it any better. Good Luck!!!

    Fucking bump!!!!
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