Tomorrow is IEP day

We start with J's at 1 p.m., and then go right into M's.  This will be the first official contact regarding their plans since we received our settlement, and it will be when we find out if the boys will be granted admission into the extended school year program (summer school to prevent regression).

We spend a couple hours tonight going over our notes and forming a game plan.  We know what we want to discuss and what changes we will request.  My good family friend/speech pathologist/parent advocate will be participating via phone to help us, so far every meeting he's been involved with has gone remarkably our way.

We just have no idea how they will treat us and if they will be accommodating or use this as a chance to exercise their frustration with us by threatening necessary services.  I am really anxious about it, but have also been looking forward to it for over a month--by the end of tomorrow, we'll at least know more about what our summer plans will look like.  I just pray they offer both boys the summer program, so we don't have to decide if it's worth starting another fight.  I also pray they don't penalize J because they know the judge said he'll hear our case before the end of the school year if we have an unsatisfactory IEP meeting, but that would be limited to M's IEP.

I'll take all the prayers and vibes you care to send our way!

Re: Tomorrow is IEP day

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  • Sending prayers!
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  • Thinking of you this afternoon!


  • I'm glad to hear it went so well. IEP meetings can be nerve wracking for all parities involved. 
  • I was going to recommend that you get an advocate but it looks as if you have someone standing in to help guide. Great news all around!
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