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Kidney stent/infection

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This is my first time writing on here but thought i would give it a shot! I'm 24 years old, pregnant with my second daughter. Let me Inform you I have a chronic history of kidney stones since age 15. I'm currently 37 weeks In the last 5 months I have passed 4 kidney stones, while attempted to pass all 4 of them. Luckily, the first one passed on it's own with some
Help of some pain meds, but these these three have not. I have ended up having to have surgeries to have a stent placed in from the kidney to the bladder. Not only are these stents worse pain than the stone it's self, having to have surgery every three weeks to get one removed and a new one replaced is not fun! Well, I had my surgery for my new stent and it seemed to be somewhat manageable (with pain medicine and sleep pills) until I had a 102.2 temp and ended up back in the ER for about the fifth time in the last two months. Well come to find out, my body is rejecting the stent which in turn gave me a staph infection in my kidney and blood. Unfortunatly for me, there are five different antibiotics to help cure the infection but non are safe during pregnancy So instead, I had to have a perminant PICC line (pretty much an iv line that goes in by where you bend your arm, up your arm, over your shoulder, into your chest and into your heart) because iv antionitic is apparently safe and instead of keeping me in the hospital until the baby is born (I have a three year old at home too) this PICC line allows me to go home and give myself my antibiotics threw the iv twice a day. Still having horrible pain in my kidney and they have had to adjust my dosage twice already because the dosage was two low and not fighting the infection at all. They are also talking about keeping this is for at least a week after the baby is born! Has anyone every gone threw this??? Also, any points on why they wouldn't have taken the baby c-section the second they found the kidney/blood staph infection to keep her safe?? (I was 34 weeks at the time and had already had to stop PTL twice) any advice you guys may have to help ease my mind would be great!

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    No advice but I'm just sorry:( I would think a discussion with your doc is needed because at 37,weeks the baby is considered early term and should be just fine.
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  • Thanks. I have an appoinment with my OBGYN and my infectious disease doctor tomorrow morning. I'm hoping my OBGYN will feel my pain and agree with me that inducing me is best for both of us! She had mentioned 39 weeks but I don't know how I can last 2 more weeks with this Iv and antibiotics. They make me physically sick everyday I really hope she sees where I'm coming from. Maybe if I cry she will be more sympathetic! Lol. The fact that both my kidneys are still really hurting me worries me a lot. They said if I pass any more stones (at least this pregnancy) they will refuse to place another stent in (since that's what caused this entire infection) and have to put tubes in my back that go I it my kidneys and drain out into catheter bags. Well that sounds completely awful in general, but also a struggle while caring for a three year old! I didn't figure anyone would have a similar situation (nothing that happens to me, especially at age 24, seems to be common!)
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