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Working with a new SLP

Well we found out last week at ST that our current slp will no longer be working with us as te health district has hired someone to work out of our local office.

I'm a little nervous about it as out current slp has mentioned kids with apraxia have to build a lot of trust before they can progress so I'm afraid of how this change will impact DS. Although, if he gets into preK for the fall he'd have a new slp anyway.

I think we will have at least one more session with our current slp and I'd like to get her a small gift of appreciation. I don't know if that would be a problem since she provides her services to us free of charge and works for the health region. Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Working with a new SLP

  • What are her interests? Is there anything that you can have your DS make for her?

    There is a post below yours that have some ideas for teachers and therapists.
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