Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

hates going to sleep

My 14 month old son used to be awesome about going to sleep, for naps, at night, whatever.  He would just lay down and cry for maybe 2 minutes, tops.  

Now, he HATES going to bed.  Naps and bedtime are torture, no matter how tired he is.  He's recently started cruising, and is really getting along mobility-wise, so I'm not sure if that's it, or if it's the other big change factor we've experienced.  

My husband was deployed until about 2 months ago.  He's starting college, and currently stays home with our son during the day.  So I'm not really sure if he's waiting till he's really tired or if (since he's got that whole regimented military training), he's putting him down at a specific time regardless of whether the kiddo is really tired or not, which could be making our son dread being in his crib.  I don't want to nag him if it's a developmental thing and not a parenting thing, so any advice would be appreciated.

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