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where is the easiest and cheapest to purchase diapers? Some have suggested Amazon, others Diapers.com. Thanks!


  • Amazon is good.  Also Target brand diapers are the best generic diaper I have ever tried.
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  • It will depend a little bit on the brand you use. I used Pampers, and they were always cheaper on Amazon. Keep in mind though, you have to sign up for Amazon Mom (free) and Prime (I think it's up to $99/yr), and then do Subscribe and Save (you can also "clip" coupons, they usually have same as P&G ad, $1-$1.50). If you will only use Amazon for diapers, it may not be worth the membership, but if you use it for the movies/shows, purchasing other things year-round, totally worth it. The Subscribe and Save requires a bit of planning, as they only send your stuff once a month, so you either have to really stock up, or plan to purchase at a store if you run out. I never did buy from Diapers.com, so I'm not sure how their prices are now, but I found Amazon cheaper than any of the local stores (CVS, Target, Sam's, etc), and you don't have to play the coupon game.
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    I have Amazon Prime and Amazon Mom and I do subscribe and save through their website where the diapers are automatically shipped to me every month. It's so great.  I might be able to save a tiny bit more if I did Sam's or Costco but honestly, I much prefer the convenience of all that stuff coming straight to my house.  Even when Target was doing a deal recently offering $15 gift cards with the purchase of 2 packs of diapers, the price per diaper was still lower at Amazon.  

    I also just recently tried the Target Up&Up diapers and 3 have fallen apart and ripped open.  I'm sticking with Pampers. 
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  • Amazon is actually cheaper than Sam's. But only by a few cents per diaper.

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  • Amazon is good.  Also Target brand diapers are the best generic diaper I have ever tried.
    This. If you have Meijer stores in your area their diapers are the same as Target. Kirklands at Costco are good as well. I belong to both Costco and amazon and the best deal going right now is Luvs on Amazon.
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  • The best I've found is when Costco runs their $5 or $6 off, making the Huggies or Kirkland Brand (which are essentially Huggies) about 15 or 16 cents a piece.

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    Target is actually the cheapest per diaper.  I will say I hate their newborn diapers, though.  I use pampers at first and then switch to Target brand.
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  • I actually prefer Walmart's Parent's Choice as an off brand. I bought a bunch of the Walgreen's Well Beginnings brand and those are pretty amazing too. They were super cheap on sale... .07 each.

    OP, you really have to go with price per diaper to figure out a good deal. Target does gift cards, Amazon is totally worth it and if  you can find them as Open Box, you can get a really good deal and don't have be a member of Mom/Prime. Again, watch that price per diaper to know what you are getting into!
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  • amazon mom subscribe and save

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  • Babycheapskate.com will tell you the cheapest ever week, based on price per diaper for the different brands. But target is usually cheapest per diaper, but I don't think they sell the big boxes til size 2.
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