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full of gas

Hello, I am 23 and pregnant for the 4th time with previous 3 ending in miscarriages. My loss has no clear cut reason according to my tests.

As a precautionary measure I am on Progesterone, folic acid, asprin and innohep injection everyday.

I am currently 7.5 weeks (or 6+weeks according to ff) but not sure due to irregular cycle.

my question is, I went for a dating scan transabdominal, the technician there said my uterus wasnt clearly visible due to constipation and excess gas, has this happened to anyone else.

I refused to do a transvaginal because of my previous experiences. (I know its safe but I am psychological afraid)

I apologize for my spelling errors.

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  • MrsL2BMrsL2B member
    I think it's typical to only be able to see anything via transvaginal ultrasound at that point. My first three ultrasounds at 7, 8, and 10 weeks were all transvaginal.
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  • Mrsl2b is right. Everything so small first trimester, they have to do transvaginal to get a good measurement. And for early abdominal ultrasounds, a full bladder helps shift the uterus making it easier for them to see things.
  • Yea, I agree, thanks guys, I was just looking around to know if anyone got at same response.

    Last time I was just 5.4 weeks and a trans abdominal scan was more than clear.
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