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Maya Wrap?

Hi Everyone, My DH and I are expecting our LO in September of this year. We already have a baby carrier from my sister I cannot remember the name of the carrier but we are looking into a sling.. something that we can throw into the diaper bag and use whenever we need... I have been looking in to the Moby and the Maya ring sling.. I like the Maya one since its a lot easier to use at the last minute from what I have seen. 
My question is what size is best? My DH is 6'2 and I am 5'8 almost 5'9 I was thinking of the large size but now I am not so sure... I guess the best option would to wait until the end of June when we go shopping for baby stuff. (We live in the north and do not have access to stores - Hence the reason we will be doing all of our shopping in June when we go down south) 
Any Advice would be appreciated! 
Thank you! 

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